Goodyear Fire Station No. 186

Goodyear Fire Station No. 186 went into service less than a year after construction began.

Goodyear Fire Station No. 186, a 12,587-square-foot facility designed to ensure firefighters’ long-term health, is ready to roll on Willis Road just east of Rainbow Valley Road.

“This fire station is a reflection of the Goodyear City Council’s goals to make public safety a top priority for them,” said Goodyear Fire Chief Paul Luizzi. “This station will provide fire and EMS coverage to an area of current and future growth.”

It opened less than one year after construction began.

The new station cost $7.2 million.

In December 2019, the Goodyear City Council approved funding for the creation of two new fire stations that will place a heavy emphasis on firefighters’ health and improving response times for the community. Goodyear Fire Station No. 181, a 15,855-square-foot facility on 143rd Avenue between Van Buren Street and Celebrate Life Way, will include the same updated safety features. That station is scheduled for completion in the spring.

Features of the new fire stations include:

• A decontamination corridor that will allow firefighters to decontaminate their turnout gear as soon as possible upon returning to the station. 

• A vestibule that separates the “clean” (living) side of the station from the “dirty” (business) side. 

• A personnel decontamination corridor that will allow firefighters to rid their bodies from contaminants as soon as possible. 

The new procedures are based on best practices used throughout the country and from the input of Goodyear firefighters and complement to Goodyear’s new clean cab fire truck system, which requires firefighters to store their gear in separate compartments within fire trucks in order to limit exposure to contaminants.