Pendergast Elementary School District

The Pendergast Elementary School District Governing Board voted unanimously on June 1 to authorize the district to conduct a bond election for $53.5 million that will not increase taxpayers’ tax rate. 

The mail-in bond election will be on Tuesday, Nov. 2. Early voting for this measure will start Thursday, Oct. 6. The last day to register to vote is Monday, Oct. 4.

The bond dollars will be used in the following manner:

• Renovate many of the district buildings, which are aging and must be upgraded for health and safety standards to be met.

• New essential construction projects including classroom additions and renovations to accommodate potential growth in student enrollment.

• Continue to provide improvements to the learning environment for students, staff and families at every school site.

• Address three primary areas to help the district create a user-friendly technology system that provides:

- Maintaining the 1-to-1 computer initiative for students in kindergarten to eighth grade.

- Increasing wireless capabilities throughout the district.

- Improvements, replacements and upgrades in the district’s technology infrastructure, including security, network capability, wireless applications, school and student computer access.

• Safety upgrades, maintenance, replacements and refurbishing of schools and district facilities, such as:

- Replacement of aging playground structures.

- Energy efficient interior and exterior lighting.

- Upgrading of fire alarms and security system cameras.

- Replacement of roofs.

- Replace worn tile and carpets.

- Improving school grounds.

- Renovations and improvements of district facilities.

- Replacement of outdated furniture and equipment.

- Replacement of aging buses and the vehicle fleet.

“We are so grateful for the amazing support that we receive from our community, said Dr. Jennifer Cruz, Pendergast Elementary School District acting superintendent.

“They understand our district’s needs and, most importantly, they understand the importance of improving the learning environments in order to continue providing an exceptional education for our students. The district will continue informing all stakeholders factual information so they can determine the outcome of this election.”

Governing Board President Jete White echoed Dr. Cruz’s sentiments and shared, “The passage of the bond election will allow the governing board and the district to continue having a positive impact in the West Valley.

“There is no denying that the significant cuts to educational funding in the past years have made it challenging for districts such as Pendergast to come up with new initiatives to enhance the learning experience for students. Voter-approved funds allow us to continue empowering excellence and success and provide a high-quality education for all students.”

Joanne Fimbres, chief financial officer for Pendergast Elementary School District, added, “The district has always shown responsible stewardship of bond funds and remains fully accountable on how these voter-approved funds are spent. We will continue to update the community about the bond election via our website, social media platforms and through community meetings so that voters can make an informed decision.”