Benny Aros Jr. and Moises Ramirez

Benny Aros Jr. of Buckeye, left, and Moises Ramirez of Goodyear were arrested and charged with a drive-by shooting.

Goodyear Police arrested Benny Aros Jr. of Buckeye and Moises Ramirez of Goodyear for an alleged drive-by shooting.

According to police, an employee of Burger King on Yuma Road in Goodyear was confronted March 15 by an irate customer, later identified as Ramirez. 

The victim, fearing for his safety, left the scene in his vehicle, according to police. 

Ramirez got in his vehicle where Aros Jr. waited.

“They proceeded to chase the victim’s vehicle west on Yuma Road,” said Lisa Berry, a Goodyear Police spokeswoman.

“The suspects caught up to the victim at a red light. The suspect in the front passenger seat, Aros Jr, pulled out a handgun and fired several rounds into the victim’s vehicle while he was inside.”

The suspects then fled the scene.

The victim was not injured. 

He told police he does not know the suspects.

Two days later, Ramirez, 21, and Aros Jr., 24, “were interviewed by Goodyear detectives and admitted to their involvement in the crime,” Berry said.

The two were arrested and charged with attempted murder, commiting a drive-by shooting and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.