Goodyear Fire Chief Paul Luizzi

Planning is underway for a new fire station for Goodyear Fire Chief Paul Luizzi and his company.

The Planning and Zoning Commission board of Goodyear voted unanimously to rezone 5 acres that will allow the construction of a new fire station.

The board met Wednesday, Nov. 6, and discussed the rezoning of the five acres located southwest corner of 143rd Avenue and West Celebrate Life Way from Planned Area Development District to the Public Facilities District. The request was approved unanimously.

The request was delivered by Christian Williams, a city staff member. He said this property is currently zoned as a planned area development for Goodyear Gateway. The proposal will “hard-zone” the property as a planned facility district that will allow for a fire station as well as for other public uses.

However, Williams said there are a few stipulations on the property.

“The property currently consists of two parcels,” Williams said. “The western parcel needs to be properly removed from the remaining southern parcel, which is an ADOT piece, and the parcel then needs to gain access to 143rd Avenue.”

Williams said these administrative processes are underway and will be stipulated with the zoning. 

 Chairwoman Kathleen Molony added, “We have another station south on Yuma. Is there a stipulation that we have so many miles apart because I am kind of surprised that they would put one on here?” 

Williams said the fire station in question had been shut down and the crew has been working out of another fire station during the time being.

“The station that is at Yuma/Litchfield has been closed for some time now, so the intent is that this site here will replace Fire Station 181,” Williams said.  “There’s no stipulation that says departments need to be so far apart, but the departments have done analysis and determined this would lower the average response times in the city.”

The Goodyear Fire Department website lists five other stations in addition to Fire Station 181.