Artist rendering of Robson Reserve, a new senior living community located at PebbleCreek in Goodyear. The new independent and assisted living community is expected to launch in fall 2019.

Robson is laying the groundwork for a senior community in its PebbleCreek community.

Robson Reserve, which brings together independent and assisted living, is expected to open in fall 2019. The first few concrete slabs have been poured, and elevator and staircase shafts were recently installed.

Robson has active-adult master planned Robson Resort Communities, which include the current PebbleCreek homes, and independent and assisted living Robson Senior Living Communities, which include Robson Reserve. This is the first of its kind for Robson in the West Valley.

The new community will continue Robson’s effort toward providing high-end living, according to Steve Soriano, executive vice president and CFO.

“By being a Robson community, that means it needs to be first class,” he said. “The dining rooms will be quality; the food will be quality and the exercise rooms will be quality. The salon, the card rooms and game rooms will all be Robson quality.”

Robson Reserve will offer different services to residents in independent and assisted living wings.

“For the independent living portion, all we provide are meals,” Soriano explained. “In the assisted living, we provide assistance with activities of daily living. For example, light housekeeping, assistance preparing meals, assistance getting dressed, and assistance and escort service to and from the dining area.

“Both independent and assisted feature shuttles to take you anywhere you want to go within a 2-mile radius. So, it’s convenient in that you don’t really have to drive much once you move in.”

While the legal requirement states residents must be at least 55, Soriano estimates the average demographic is more likely to be upward of age 70.

The community will provide a plethora of daily entertainment opportunities for its seniors.

“There’s everything,” Soriano said. “There are daily trips, whether it’s to the mall or to the theater or to a ballgame. There are trips to local houses of worship.

“There are activity directors within the community who keep your day busy and filled with crafts and computer classes and assist you in a concierge lifestyle.”

The 337,000-square-foot Robson Reserve will feature 224 units in two layouts, Soriano said. The community will offer one-bedroom/one-bath and two-bedroom/two-bath units at approximately 800 and 1,100 square feet, respectively. Smaller than Robson’s other communities, this one  has a large, more spacious design.

“All of our units feature full kitchens,” he added. “They feature full-size washer and dryers. They feature patios, spacious living and dining rooms, spacious bedrooms, and emergency call systems.”

The community’s services extend beyond residents’ private living space, however. They start with a pool and a restaurant.

“There will be a lot of common areas, including a theater, a fitness center and activity rooms,” Soriano added.

Additionally, Robson Reserve will forward Robson’s continued efforts for energy efficiency.

“The Robson Reserve at PebbleCreek is being built to 2019 standards, so there’s higher insulation properties, better windows and more energy-efficient appliances,” Soriano explained. “This makes sense for us as a business because electricity and water are included in your monthly service fees at the Robson Reserve. You don’t pay extra for electricity or water utilities. While being more energy efficient is a bigger up-front investment, it pays back dividends to us over a few years.”

Pricing has yet to be announced, but meals will be included in the rates. More information and leasing opportunities will be made public next year. Visit for more information.

While the launch of Robson Reserve is still in the offing, Soriano anticipated it will appeal to PebbleCreek residents looking to move beyond single-family home ownership. Hence, it will be strategically located at PebbleCreek’s entrance.

“As people who moved into PebbleCreek in the ’90s and early 2000s age in place, many of them are looking for an alternative to single-family ownership,” he explained. “So, we’re continuing that partnership by providing them with what they’re looking for.”

The partnership is the continued effort with the city of Goodyear and is partially why Robson is continuing its expansion in the West Valley.

“Robson has a tremendous partnership with the city of Goodyear,” he said.