Saddle Mountan Brewing Company

Saddle Mountan Brewing Company scored another gold for itsTaildragger Clan-Destine, brewed in Goodyear.

Puns and pubs go together like hops and barley.

Even those who don’t have much appetite for ales and stouts, but have a rye (so to speak) sense of humor, may appreciate the creation at Goodyear’s Saddle Mountain Brewing Company.

The Taildragger Clan-Destine brew — the play on words is it’s a Scottish-style ale — is a bit more than just a fun name.

It’s a national champion.

The Taildragger Clan-Destine just scored its third consecutive gold medal at the highly-revered Great American Beer Festival.

Craft beer aficionados will note Clan-Destine’s numbers: IBU (International Bitterness Units) 21, ALC (alcohol content) 6.8%.

The brewery’s website describes The Taildragger Clan-Destine in ABD (average beer drinker) terms: “This flavorful sweet ale has a smooth malt finish balanced against a light hop flavor. This beer is very quaffable and has become a pub favorite.”

Neal Huttenhow, SMBC’s head brewer, is riding tall in the saddle after the back-to-back-to-back golds, with an American Beer Cup silver medal last year to boot.

He imports many of the Taildragger ingredients from the United Kingdom, but the beer is made here in Goodyear.

Saddle Mountain Brewing Company, going on five years on tap, is owned by married couple Laura and Jacob Hansen.

“They’re great to work for,” said  Bree Arriola, who has been serving beer at SMBC since shortly after it opened.

Though Jacob Hansen was raised in Arlington, it’s fitting that he launched his craft beer career here, as he was fascinated by the Goodyear Blimp as a child. 

Laura floated a trial balloon shortly after they were married, buying Jacob a home-brew kit.

Jacob Hansen’s love of flying is now mixed with his brewing passion, as taildragger aircraft  flew in World War II.

His beer won’t fly quite as high, but it certainly gives a lift.

Saddle Mountain Brewing Company is at 15651 West Roosevelt Street, Goodyear.

For more information, call 623-249-5520 or visit