An Arizona Education Association survey reports 90% of 7,600 school employees who participated are “concerned about health issues related to teaching and learning in schools.”

The association represents 20,000 school employees.

 More than 80% said students should stay at home until public health experts determine it is safe to return and with adequate planning and equipment to protect school employees, students, and families from COVID-19.

Over two-thirds opposed returning to a complete traditional school brick-and-mortar learning environment.

Six in 10 respondents did not feel their districts were prepared and ready to reopen schools.

Nearly three-fourths said there is not enough staff and resources for school cleaning, food service and bus schedules and 72% said there’s not enough teachers to reopen schools under CDC guidelines and protocols.

More than half said their school districts have not established clear guidance on social distancing procedures and health screening procedures.

More than 90% were concerned their colleagues, students and families will contract COVID-19 - and 88% are concerned about their own health and contracting COVID-19

According to AEA, 96% said smaller class sizes will be necessary to enforce social distancing and 93% said the state should suspend standardized testing until schools return to normal school operation.