Sean Katz Heritage Academy

Sean Katz, 27, was arrested at his Avondale home Saturday, Dec. 8, and charged with having sex with a 17-year-old student at Heritage Academy in Laveen.

Phoenix Police arrested Sean Katz, 27, at his Avondale home Saturday, Dec. 8. The former Heritage Academy teacher and coach was charged with sexual conduct with a 17-year-old minor.

Heritage Academy terminated Katz on Dec. 9, according to Maricopa County Superior Court records.

According to the records, Katz is charged with sexual intercourse or sexual contact with a minor in a classroom. The offense allegedly took place Thursday, Dec. 5, at the high school in Laveen.

According to court documents, Katz lived in Avondale for one year. He taught the victim’s biology class and coached basketball at the charter school.

An Aug. 14, 2017, Facebook post, now deleted, welcomed Katz to Heritage Academy as a new faculty member. He was then 24.

According to a probable cause report, Phoenix Police patrol officers contacted the victim’s mother after a report by a third party of a possible relationship between Katz and the minor.

“The parent confronted the victim and she denied any involvement with the teacher,” the police report stated. “The parent began going through the victim’s text messages and found communications between the victim and the defendant.”

Katz allegedly called the victim’s cell phone on Dec. 7. The victim’s mother answered and pretended to be the victim, then confronted Katz. “(Katz) apologized and denied the relationship. The defendant pleaded with the victim’s parent not to notify the school or he would lose his job. They mutually agreed to meet in person on (Dec. 10) to talk.”

A Phoenix Police officer met the victim on Dec. 7.  “The victim disclosed that at first, she had a platonic relationship at school with the defendant until it turned romantic. The 17-year-old female victim disclosed on Tuesday, Dec. 3, the relationship changed with the defendant, when they consensually held hands, kissed and made out in a classroom office at the school she attends.

Later, according to the report,  during a Dec. 5 lunch break, “the victim and (Katz) were inside of the defendant’s classroom alone. While the victim was lying on a table inside of the office (Katz) pulled down her pants and underwear and took off his pants. The victim then said she and (Katz) engaged in penile-vaginal sexual intercourse. The victim said she told him to stop because he was not wearing any protection and she knew about the red flags of what they were doing but he continued to have sex with her.”

The police report also stated the victim’s mother spoke on the phone  with Katz at 12:30 a.m. Dec. 8.

During the call, “(Katz) admitted to kissing the victim and having sexual intercourse with her on the table in the classroom office. He stated he was wearing a condom during the sex and the victim could not be pregnant. He told the victim’s mother he put in paperwork at the school so he could be transferred,” the report stated.

Phoenix Police arrested Katz 90 minutes after the call.

Katz made his first court appearance Dec. 8. A preliminary hearing was scheduled at 8:30 a.m. Wednesday, Dec. 18.