Goodyear Officer Kyle Cluff

Goodyear Officer Kyle Cluff, after being on administrative leave since Oct. 7, resigned Jan. 9.

Last week, the paid suspensions and investigations into four Goodyear Police employees drew closer to an end. 

Goodyear Police Officer Kyle Cluff, a five-year veteran officer who had been on administrative leave since Oct. 7, resigned Thursday, Jan. 9.

Tammy Vo, a Goodyear spokeswoman, told the West Valley View an investigation found Cluff was untruthful. He could have faced discipline but no decision was made before Cluff resigned, Vo said.

A separate investigation was also completed regarding Susan Petty, formerly a Goodyear Police administrative service manager. An investigation found her to be untruthful also, Vo said. 

Petty, who has worked for Goodyear for 22 years, was demoted to a lower-paying management assistant position, according to Vo. Petty returned to work Wednesday, Jan. 8.

Vo said the Cluff and Petty cases are not related to the investigation of former Chief Jerry Geier, who was fired two weeks ago after also being placed on paid leave Oct. 7. He appealed the firing.

A fourth investigation, into Deputy Chief Justin Hughes, is still ongoing, Vo said.