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Thunderbirds Charities gave a $60,000 grant for Benevilla’s Home Services program, which has been especially busy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“In the world of COVID-19, the Benevilla Home Services program has become a lifeline for many in our community who wish to remain safe at home,” said Joanne Thomson, Benevilla president and CEO. “With the support of Thunderbird Charities, we are able to support our neighbors who may otherwise be alone, have nowhere else to turn and are without these everyday resources.”

Benevilla provides services to older adults challenged with the daily routine of independent living and staying safe with extra precautions during COVID-19.

During the COVID-19 crisis, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines advise older adults to stay home, as they are at high risk of serious complications/death from the virus. 

Gov. Doug Ducey reinforced the message last week, urging all residents to stay home when possible.

According to the Census 2018 population estimates, there are 254,000 West Valley residents that are seniors or adults with disabilities, and many of them do not have a support network enabling them to stay home.

“Benevilla has received a surge of requests from older adults in the West Valley in need of assistance with grocery shopping or transportation,” Thomson said. “Concurrently, Benevilla experienced a drop in volunteers for the program, as many of them are retirees needing to take similar precautions for their health,” said the release.

The Benevilla Home Services program is free, thanks to Benevilla volunteers who provide grocery shopping assistance, assisted transportation to medical appointments, and more.

“Benevilla is providing vital services to our high-risk older adults to help them stay independent and at home, where it is safe,” said Tim Woods, president of Thunderbirds Charities. “We are happy to support their efforts in our community.”

Those interested in volunteering with Benevillla can call 623-584-4999 or visit

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