Felix Rios Jr., left, and Arianna Ramirez

Felix Rios Jr., left, and Arianna Ramirez face charges for the July 6, 2018, killing of Avondale teenager Gerardo Trevino. Right, Jesus Carbajal, who allegedly fired the shots that killed Trevino, is said to have fled to Mexico. 

Nearly two years after the killing of an Avondale youth, Felix Rios Jr. faces first-degree murder charges.

His alleged accomplice, Jesus Antonio Carbajal, is still a suspect in the July 9, 2018 killing of Gerardo Daniel Trevino, 17. 

According to court documents, Carbajal fled to Mexico and has not been found.

Avondale Police arrested Felix Rios Jr. nearly nine months after the murder. 

Arianna Ramirez was arrested for hindering prosecution, according to Ray Emmett, an officer with the Avondale Police Department. Ramirez, 15, told police she was Carbajal’s girlfriend.

 Rios, 21, faces charges of first-degree murder and armed robbery. The trial is scheduled for Feb. 11.

The murder took place in a Taco Bell parking lot at 11325 W. Buckeye Road, in the Cashion neighborhood.

Friends of Trevino’s who were with him told Avondale detectives the victim planned to trade marijuana for guns.

Rios allegedly drove a Mitsubishi Eclipse into the parking lot, with Carbajal in the passenger seat and Ramirez in the rear seat.

A witness told police Carbajal pointed a gun and ordered Trevino, “Give me everything you got.” Trevnio pushed Carbajal and ran before Carbajal shot him, the witness said.

Rios was seen getting out of the black car and shooting at Trevino.

Rios, Carbajal and Ramirez then left the scene as Trevino lay dying.

According to the police report, “Numerous messages were located which indicated (Carbajal) and (Ramirez) had planned to rob the victim in this case and his younger brother and their friend who was one of the witnesses on scene...

“Finally, a message was sent from (Carbajal) to (Ramirez) advising her he was going to ‘rob’ one of the parties present at the crime scene to which (Ramierz) replied, ‘Kill him instead’.”

According to the police report, Ramirez admitted to being in the car at the time of the murder and told police both Carbajal and Rios fired their weapons.

Ramirez told police Carbajal and Rios stole the guns they used to kill Trevino.

After he was arrested, Rios admitted the and Carbajal stole the guns from two Tolleson youths. Rios told police he drove the car to Taco Bell and Carbajal shot Trevino. Rios told police he shot in the air.

After hearing the victim died, Rios “gave away his gun, sold his car, obtained a new cell phone and deleted his Facebook account in the weeks after the incident,” according to the police report. 

In June, Rios’ court-appointed attorney, Sherri Lawson, asked for a reduction of the $500,000 bail.

Daniel Fisher, a deputy Maricopa County attorney, argued against the reduction. “The defendant is alleged to have been the getaway driver from the armed robbery killing the victim. The defendant was identified and self-admitted to firing a shot during the course of this incident,” Fisher wrote.

“The defendant maintains he did not know they were going to rob the victim  who was killed. The weight of the evidence against the accused is significant. The defendant  maintains that he agreed to commit an armed robbery with the co-defendants earlier in the day to a separate victim, and that he knew nothing of setting up the victim who died.”

While noting Rios did not have a criminal history, “the nature of  this offense is one that indicates the defendant poses a danger to the community. Finally, the victim’s next of kin vehemently objects to the modification of release,” the prosecuting attorney wrote.

The request was denied and Rios remains in jail awaiting trial.