President Donald Trump Phoenix Goodyear Airport

President Donald Trump made one of his last campaign stops at Phoenix Goodyear Airport.

To roars of “four more years,” a grinning, waving President Donald Trump took the makeshift stage at Phoenix Goodyear Airport Wednesday, Oct. 28.

“That’s a lot of people,” he remarked, acknowledging the applause. “Wow, thank you very much. And hello Goodyear!”

Less than a week before the election, an energetic Trump—less than a month after being hospitalized for COVID-19—ranged from chatting casually to barking out rallying cries.

“Six days from now we are going to win Arizona and win four more years in our great, beautiful White House,” he told the crowd.

Trump promised “we will deliver record prosperity, epic job growth and a safe vaccine that quickly ends the virus—the China plague is what it is. ... We are going to be stronger than we have ever before. 

“Next year is going to be the best economic year in our country’s history.”

He vowed to “make America great again, again.”

When Trump brought up his opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden, the crowd chanted, “Lock him up! Lock him up!”

Trump said a vote for Biden means “massive tax increases.”

He downplayed the many polls showing him far behind Biden: “Four years ago, they had me 12 points behind,” Trump said with a dismissive shrug.

With many in the crowd wearing “Latinos for Trump” T-shirts, Trump said, “My poll numbers are through the roof with Hispanic Americans. I always knew they’d like me.

“Over the last four years I’ve been delivering for Hispanic Americans like never before. And Hispanic American unemployment reached all-time lows prior to the pandemic.”

Some in the crowd erupted in a “Latinos for Trump” chant.

“Today I’m announcing the American Dream Plan,” Trump said. “Over the next four years the American Dream Plan will bring more than 2 million jobs to Hispanic communities, create more than a half million new Hispanic-owned small businesses—which will end up being large businesses if I know you. ... More Hispanic families will be able to buy a home and afford quality health care.”

He predicted “we’re going to win a record number of Hispanic votes.”

Trump predicted Nov. 3 would be just like it was four years ago.

“In 2016 ... you elected an outsider as president, who is finally putting America first,” Trump said. “And if I don’t sound like a typical Washington politician, it’s because I’m not a typical Washington politician.”

Promising “we are going to keep on winning, winning, winning,” Trump concluded with a succinct message for a key swing state:

“Thank you, Arizona. Go out and vote.”