Goodyear has launched billboards asking Trader Joe’s to come to town.

The residents of Goodyear spoke.

The city of Goodyear listened.

The message is clear: “We want Trader Joe’s!”

Surveys the city sent out to residents made it abundantly clear, said Tammy Vo, a Goodyear spokeswoman.

“One thing our residents are most passionate about is having new businesses come to the city,” Vo said. “When we asked them to show what they want, the number one response was Trader Joe’s.

“There’s even a ‘We want Trader Joe’s in the West Valley Facebook page,’ and the  people who organized it live in Goodyear.”

The city is not simply listening and giving a condescending nod of the head.

The city of Goodyear is acting, big time.

“We’re launching a ‘We Want Trader Joe’s’ campaign,” Vo said.

It includes billboards - the first billboard went up Dec. 7 along Interstate 10.

While the billboard is a bit vague, there is nothing subtle about an event at 8:45 a.m. Friday, Dec. 13, at the new Circle K on McDowell Road and Pebble Creek Parkway. 

Goodyear Mayor Georgia Lord will read an announcement proclaiming  “We Want Trader Joe’s Day.”

Trader Joe’s has 503 stores nationwide; TJ lovers around Goodyear drive to Surprise or Glendale, which, Lord said, just isn’t right.

On WWTJD (We Want Trader Joe’s Day), Lord will ask residents to sign a petition asking Trader Joe’s to come to Goodyear. 

“We hope to get the attention of Trader Joe’s,” said Vo, chuckling knowingly.

“Our economic development team has been in touch with them to let them know we want them here,” she added.