Beth Cato

Nebula Award-nominated author Beth Cato is featured in “Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Magic of Cats.”

The new “Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Magic of Cats” is not just for feline fans.

But in appreciating these tales of tails, it helps to have an affinity for the Bubbas of the world.

Bubba is the star of a story in the collection by Beth Cato, a Buckeye-based writer.

“A Letter of Bubba’s First Family” is Cato’s telling of a visit to a rescue center.

“I probably circled the carpeted cat tree in the middle of the room 20 times before noticing the orange cat asleep in the nook,” Cato writes.

“My husband Jason picked up Bubba. The lanky orange tabby melted into the nook of his arm and purred.”

After adopting Bubba (renamed Finn), the writer takes the new member of the family home and discovers how pampered this cat is:

“I was baffled when he didn’t come running when I opened up cat food cans. Soon, I found out he expected to be carried to his food dish. Even then, he didn’t deem most foods to be worthy of his palate. I undertook a grand effort to find a food he liked, and after about 40 different kinds (I kept a spreadsheet), I finally found one he enjoyed, though he prefers to lap up the gravy rather than eat the chunks.”

Cat people will get that. 

Chicken Soup for the Soul publishing company is donating royalties from the book to American Humane, along with the royalties from its other new book, “Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Magic of Dogs.”

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Nebula Award-nominated Beth Cato is the author of “The Clockwork Dagger” duology and “The Blood of Earth” trilogy from Harper Voyager. 

She’s a Hanford, California, native who lives in Buckeye with her husband, son and—of course—cats. 

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“The Magic of Cats” collection also features “Hedgehog,” by Avondale writer Tim Ramsey, the inspiring teacher featured in the Nov. 2 West Valley View.