Avery Stewart scavenger hunt

Avery Stewart, 11, shows off her family’s scavenger hunt directions. 

In Dr. Kelly Stewart’s neighborhood, The Fairways, the residents are staying an arm’s length away from each other, as dictated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

But kids are riding their bikes and adults are walking around the neighborhood. Stewart brainstormed a way to get residents engaged. So she challenged her neighbors to decorate a paper Easter egg and hide it in a safe location—tucked in corners of windows, on window sills or near cactus. 

“At first, nothing really happened, in terms of participation,” Stewart said. “My kids were like, ‘This is lame.’

“Then, each day, our neighbors started to get in on the fun. We were so excited to see that there were 40 eggs around the neighborhood. I think the additional heartening part was they were at homes where kids weren’t necessarily living.”

Elderly folks decorated eggs and pointed them out to each other. The camaraderie reminded Stewart of her Midwest upbringing. 

“It brought us some joy in a time that’s feeling very bizarre and out of sorts,” she said. “It was a fun thing. We’re hoping other neighborhoods can do the same thing.”