White Tank Mountains

A grant will help efforts to conserve the natural habitat of the White Tank Mountains in the fast-growing West Valley.

The Buckeye-based White Tank Mountains Conservancy received a $50,000 grant from the Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust. The grant will help the WTMC Connectivity Initiative promote sustainable housing development while also preserving hundreds of thousands of acres of undisturbed desert habitat.

“For the past few years, the WTMC has worked to develop strong partnerships and gather needed information to promote preservation,” said Les Meyers, WTMC executive director. “This grant from the Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust will give us additional resources to put that plan into action.”

Buckeye, Goodyear and other cities surrounding White Tank Mountain Regional Park and Skyline Regional are among the fastest growing in the country.

The conservancy believes “preservation is still possible amid population growth.”

The $50,000 grant will kickstart phase two of the Connectivity Initiative, which will focus on further education and outreach, and working with partners including the Arizona Game and Fish Department, landowners/developers, Maricopa County Flood Control District and the city of Buckeye to develop “best practices” for development and benefits for landowners.