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If you were going to chart the biggest heartbreaks I suffered in my early 20s, at the top of the list was not being able to get a ticket to U2’s sold-out concert at the old Orange Bowl in Miami. I’m only half-kidding. We are talking about my then-favorite band, a group I worshiped with MAGA-…

 In the past decade, vaping has reached epidemic levels and has become prevalent among middle and high schoolers across the country. In fact, a recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) survey found approximately 2.55 million U.S. middle and high school students are currently u…

During the 1960s and ’70s, in “Anytown, USA” often on Thanksgiving afternoon, the ritual would be the same. After enjoying excessive amounts of turkey and dressing, families would head for Main Street and the hometown pomp and pageantry of a local parade.

You work close up to elections for 30 years, you have the chance to learn some things about candidates and campaigns. The most important one is this: Many people vote with their gut, not their head. 

The story claimed headlines early on an August Thursday as a perfect sign of the times. A fourth grader from Queen Creek, 9 years old, was arrested at Legacy Traditional School for toting a gun to school stuffed in a book bag.

I won the lottery — in my dreams. I see it all now, flashing before me. I turn on the television and watch excitedly when they call out the winning numbers. Nervously, I look down at my Powerball ticket and then in complete disbelief, I realize I have won $1 billion! 

The students, families, staff, teachers, voters and taxpayers of the Littleton Elementary School District deserve to have the record set straight. On behalf of the district, I would like to express our displeasure about the article that was published disparaging the governance and management…

Industry partners are essential to Western Maricopa Education Center’s (West-MEC) future as a career and technical education school district. West-MEC can be like Blockbuster and wait for others to catch up, or West-MEC could be like Netflix by adapting to its environment, continuously innov…

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