Border disorder

Before the invention of motion pictures, television or the internet, there was theater.  

Now, courtesy of the aforementioned technological innovations, we are subjected to ceaseless offerings from a 21st century “Theater of the Absurd.” The most ambitious current production costs billions — “Arsenic and Old Lace,” it ain’t. It’s “The Arsenic of Amnesty.” 

It’s tempting to outline the plot like a program description from a tattered copy of TV Guide proves overwhelming.

An aging and confused chief executive remains remarkably focused on one final objective: the erasure of America’s southern border. Following the orders of his puppet master and with the encouragement of madam vice, this twisted trio schemes to import millions of illegals, put them on the federal dole and voter rolls, and seize total political control. Will the United States survive? 

Chief executive: Joe Biden. Puppet master: Barack Obama. Madam vice: Kamala Harris. Program runs continuously on ABCNBCCBSCNNMSNBCPBS. 

The only satire above is the parody of the TV Guide program note. Welcome to Reality TV on steroids. By the way, the “acting” is horrendous. 

On Kamala’s June 8 visit to Mexico, she said she was there to explore “root causes” of illegal immigration. 

Madam vice president, did you forget yourself and your political allies?

The primary “root cause” is the collective ambition of Democrat politicians to “bring in the vote,” by short-circuiting the process of attaining citizenship, adding millions of new voters to the rolls. It would create a huge new underclass dependent on entitlements and inclined to vote for the expansion of those benefits. Simply stated, it would ensure leftist dominance of the political process in the United States for as long as the nation endures. Such a cynical path to power. 

But still proving powerful to the veep and her advisers is someone now “out of power.” When Donald Trump said he’d visit the southern border on June 30, Kamala Harris hurriedly announced a trip to El Paso — 92 days after President Biden named the vice president as his “border czar.”

That June 25 journey to Texas was not a pleasant one for Ms. Harris. She was greeted by protestors and criticized by Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-Texas), who said he invited her numerous times to his district, which includes portions of the Rio Grande, where illegals are flooding into the United States. The Lone Star legislator later tried to temper his criticism by calling her visit a “first step.” 

Because the steps Harris took were principally around the El Paso International Airport rather than directly at the border, she employed a principle of political theater: It’s easier to attack than explain. Accordingly, she trained her rhetorical fire on Trump. 

“It was here in El Paso that the previous administration’s child separation policy was unveiled,” Harris claimed. She added that the “remain in Mexico policy” forced asylum seekers to stay south of the border while their claims were arbitrated. 

Left unsaid was the reality of the de facto child separation policies of the Biden administration, where parents see a lack of border enforcement and decide to send their kids northward, “chaperoned” by human traffickers.

Left unanswered was the implication that it is preferable to allow asylum seekers to enter the United States while their status is determined. Doesn’t that simply encourage illegality?

Left undefined was this assertion by Vice President Harris: “There’s still much more work to be done, but we’ve made progress.” 

If “progress” is defined by encouraging this foreign invasion, surrendering our national sovereignty, and corrupting our constitutional republic, then Ms. Harris may be right. 

And the Hollywood “Creative Class,” now financed by he communist Chinese, can work on a huge production: “Death of a Nation.” In Mandarin, with Spanish subtitles.