Engineer with thumb up on building site

Ten years ago, when I became a Buckeye councilmember for District 6, it never occurred to me that I would be the Buckeye mayor today. But here I am, 100 days into my new job, and I am more excited than ever to continue building on the great work from our previous city councils to ensure Buckeye moves forward thoughtfully and strategically.

As one of the fastest-growing cities for the past 10 years, the Buckeye City Council will continue focusing on managing this growth appropriately, by providing the needed resources to our residents and staff. 

To do this, we’re concentrating on four key areas — improving our infrastructure, attracting good jobs and retail stores, acquiring additional water resources and better communicating with residents.  


Water and sewer service and the streets we drive on are the city’s lifelines. We’re in the process of improving each of these throughout the city. 

The Jackie A. Meck Water Campus will improve water quality by upgrading or replacing wells and consolidating several water facilities into one central location. 

The new sewer line nearing completion on Miller Road will properly serve current residents in the area. It will also accommodate the expected growth projected for future residential and employment centers.

ADOT is set to start construction on the widening of I-10 from SR 85 to Verrado Way this summer. The project also includes new divergent diamond interchanges at Miller and Watson roads, which will help improve traffic flow in these areas. 


Water is essential for Buckeye’s current and future residents. Water is also critical in attracting new jobs and retail stores to our city. 

In April 2020, the council approved the city’s water resources master plan. This comprehensive plan covers all things water related, including acquiring additional water supplies. The challenge is, Buckeye is not the only city in the Valley looking for new and/or additional supplies, and none of this is cheap. 

Thankfully, the municipal water industry works together on a variety of topics. West Valley leaders and water experts continue to meet regularly to find the best options for everyone. We know that working together to find solutions creates a win for the entire West Valley. 

Economic Development

We are very aware Buckeye is extremely underserved for sit-down restaurants, medical facilities, grocers and large box stores. Our economic development staff works tirelessly recruiting new employers along with new retail businesses and services.

Their work is paying off. Retail stores, hotels, medical offices, restaurants and grocery stores are popping up in the Sundance and Verrado areas of the city. We are working hard to develop opportunities in other areas as well. 

Later this year, Five Below will begin operations at its Western distribution center, creating 150 jobs. The number of jobs at Five Below will nearly double within five years.  

Just south of Five Below, a new “spec industrial” facility by LGE has started construction. When completed, the tenant or tenants at this location will bring additional jobs to the city. 


There are so many other great things happening in Buckeye, and we are working to better communicate this news to you. The best way to keep up with the latest city news is to subscribe to our electronic newsletters and/or follow us on social media. 

These channels provide videos on various construction projects, links to city council meetings, where to register for special interest classes and youth sports, and tips on how to stay active and healthy. 

Once you see all the great things happening in Buckeye, you’ll be as excited as I am to call Buckeye home. You’ll also see how we’re building efficiencies and the city’s foundation for tomorrow.