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Paging Jack Nicholson 


Trump says he knew how dangerous COVID-19 was but downplayed it to keep everyone from panicking. Wouldn’t you think knowing how bad it is, he would have advocated wearing a mask and not have rallies in the first place? Why publicly disagree with experts who are trying to keep us safe when they know how dangerous this is? Recordings show he knew. His actions show he doesn’t care and has put people at risk. 

To you Republicans, I quote a famous actor, “You can’t handle the truth!”

Mike Getz


Sundance HOA



In the Sept. 23 issue of West Valley View, two letters appeared about the Sundance HOA. There was quite a bit of misinformation in both the letters, and my intention is to clarify some of the misunderstandings that appeared.

Full disclosure: I was a member of the subject HOA board of directors and served as president for one year of my term. I am also a candidate this year for the board. By now you have already voted, or not, so this will make little difference in the outcome of the election.

Background: In the early 2000s, a proposal was made to the town of Buckeye for a housing development: Sundance Active Adult HOA (55+) and Sundance Residential HOA (Family). This development was consolidated by the developer’s attorneys under the Sundance Master Plan and were to operate as separate entities, per Arizona state law in 2000-04. The developers retained management until a specific number of homes were sold. In 2008, operation of the residential HOA turned over to the homeowners, who elected their first board of directors.

Tom Campanella was a homeowner and member of the first board. As you may recall, 2008 wasn’t the best year for homeownership. Tom became a certified property manager and was hired by AAM (Associated Asset Management, a professional HOA management company) to manage the Sundance Residential HOA, of which he was very familiar. A rather logical choice.

Upon purchasing a home in an HOA, the buyer is given a set of documents, which include the CC&Rs. The CC&Rs are basically the guidelines established by the developer to keep the residential areas as pristine as promised by the developer and updated as the need arises. The intent is to safeguard a buyer’s investment and the community as a whole. 

One of the legal requirements of holding an annual meeting and an election is for there to be a quorum. The original quorum number, set by the developer, was 25% of the homeowners. The HOA tried everything to get homeowners to attend the meetings and to cast their votes at the annual meeting. Meeting attendance was sparse. Quorum votes for elections were very, very close. In 2012, not enough votes were cast to create a quorum of 25%. It was decided that the HOA would ask the court to reduce the quorum to 5% so the HOA could seat new board members and conduct business. The court agreed that 5% was reasonable for a quorum. Even with this low bar, in 2019 we had less than 5% participation, so the HOA was unable to conduct the annual meeting or hold the election, so the sitting board members remained to conduct the ongoing HOA business.

Sometimes something of a very sensitive nature may arise. Laws require that these discussions must remain private and confidential. The board has a code of conduct that all members are asked to read and agree to, in addition to following their own moral compass. The areas of discussion are: discipline of employees/members; discussion of employment contracts; legal consultation. Anything said or done in executive session is secret and confidential. For a member to disclose to anyone what was discussed in executive session calls for discipline and/or censure/removal of that individual from the organization.

As to the levy of fines for nonpayment of membership dues, violation of front yard maintenance and violation of architectural codes, those are all described in the CC&Rs given to each buyer and updated as the need arises. No one likes paying fines, but fellow homeowners don’t like to see their neighborhood and home value diminished either.

For current, accurate information, go to

Marilyn A. Walker Vollmer


Health care


Recently, one of your writers felt that giving free health care to illegal aliens was unfair, as he pays nearly $1,000 per month for private health care insurance. Although certainly unfair, far worse is what the Democratic Party wants to impose on all of us—a single-payer system for health care. 

In her recent book “False Premise, False Promise: The Disastrous Reality of Medicare for All,” Sally Pipes, president of the Pacific Research Institute, discusses the negative consequences of a single-payer system that the Democrats are now promoting. She reviews the single-payer system in the U.K. and states: “The United Kingdom right now has a shortage of 100,000 doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers. They’re not paid well, they work very long hours, they’re exhausted.” 

In Canada, doctors routinely see 65 patients a day, and because of long waits for health care procedures, over 600,000 Canadians came to America last year and paid out of pocket for MRIs, CT scans, heart stents and hip replacements.

She goes on to say that “if we get single-payer, more doctors will retire. They’d be paid Medicare rates that are 40% below what they get paid for treating private patients today.” This would result in long waits, rationing of care (especially for older patients), less access to treatments and less accountability by government bureaucrats. 

Welcome to the brave new world of Democratic health care.

Igor Shpudejko


The Party of Trump


In the Aug. 26 edition of this newspaper, there was an article by Rep. Debbie Lesko. I am writing to respond to some assertions she made that are misleading. 

My bigger concern is how it appears there is no longer a Republican Party. What used to be the GOP has become the Party of Trump. Traditionally, the political parties put forth their platforms before their conventions. The Republicans said basically that whatever Trump wants to do for the next four years, that’s OK with them. How is that a platform? 

When Trump was asked what the agenda was for the next four years, he did a terrible job of being clear about what that agenda (or platform) was going to be. In Rep. Lesko’s article she seems to suggest that all of the horrible things happening in this country right now are the fault of the “other”—in this case the Democrats. In a condescending tone she puts down Democratic leaders and with a sneer warns us that in our country we will see crazy stuff happening if they get into power. 

The Party of Trump is in power now, and the stuff I have seen almost every day for almost four years is really crazy! I have felt discounted for this time because I am not subscribing to the craziness and I am not in the Party of Trump. 

To be in that cult, one must believe in conspiracy theories and falsehoods that are constantly perpetrated by Trump himself. Lesko says in her article that Biden doesn’t want to fund the police. For the record, Joe Biden does not support defunding the police. He has never said that. What he promotes is more money for the police to provide training and techniques to prevent the senseless killings of unarmed Black people. He has also said that the extremist vandals’ and rioters’ actions are illegal and should result in arrest and punishment. 

I believe Ms. Lesko would agree that people with rifles hunting protesters and carloads of extremists spraying bear spray and shooting paintballs at unarmed peaceful protesters is also wrong. I am looking forward to an America that comes together and pledges allegiance to the country and its Constitution, and not a personality. 

I hope Ms. Lesko can come to the place she can also see that and work toward that.

Flint Walpole


Paging Bill Murray


How democracy is working for you:

The Democrats have a bad habit of keeping corruption flourishing in our government and trying their best to prevent Trump from draining the swamp. This is why we need term limits, to get rid of career politicians who obstruct great presidents and hold back the economy. They prefer crime and criminal behavior and anarchy in big cities for months at a time, with Democrat mayors and governors refusing to stop them and destroying and defunding all of the police protection that taxpayers paid for. Who ya gonna call when they break into your home, Ghostbusters? 

Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot of Chicago protected her own home by having the police bar protesters from coming near her home, but they are allowed to continue going toward your homes as full-blown riots.

The chance of Biden/Harris “building better” are the same as finding just one crystal-clear picture of Bigfoot after a half century of every picture being blurry. The Democrats want to do away with the Electoral College, but Justice Ginsberg said it’s impossible because the forefathers safeguarded it and the whole Constitution would have to be rewritten in order to accomplish that. Biden says he’ll call in the medical experts to attack the virus. Trump and his experts did just that since January. He couldn’t see it from his bunker. 

Biden will end up voting for Trump, since he doesn’t even know why he’s running for president!

Biden just started to condemn the riots in Democrat cities, but only because his poll numbers have plummeted. Since Democrats own most media, they forbid showing the true news, especially Trump’s accomplishments. They think nobody sees what’s really going on. Biden came out of his bunker and saw his shadow, which means four more years of Trump! Arresting rioters and arsonists and looters and releasing them three hours later to finish their anarchy is what you get under Democrat rule. If they allow it in Democrat cities and states, they will allow it federally if elected.

What people who don’t research politics should know is Pelosi and Corey Booker are good friends with Alexander Soros, son of George Soros. I have both of their pictures together. Chelsea Clinton married Marc Mezvinski, nephew of George Soros. Robert Soros, son of George Soros, married Melissa Schiff, Adam Schiff’s sister. These Democrats keep the destruction of America in their families. The same as Pelosi’s nephew, Gavin Newsom, is governor of California, keeping it a Democrat-run, bankrupt state. 

If you don’t know who George Soros is, not only do I feel sorry for you, he has worked with Obama for years to destroy the America you now know. He’s a Hungarian billionaire who finances Antifa and BLM, paying “peaceful protesters” $25 per hour to burn down cities and businesses while defunding the police and trying to make sure that Trump isn’t reelected. This is why Pelosi won’t give citizens emergency financial aid during COVID.

She would rather vacation in California and get her hair done in a COVID-closed salon than worry about people who lost their income from COVID. Her nephew governor closed all wineries except his. This is Democrats at work, not democracy at work. Research people, research!

James Logan