Photo Letter



Robert Lukacs’ letter in response to J.D. Hayworth was certainly his bloviating opinion, but it is hard to believe, in view of events since Joe Biden took office, that anyone could be so stupid.

Since Joe took office, gas has increased in excess of $1 per gallon, our Southern border is out of control with no signs of relief, and Joe wants to spend $6.5 trillion, the latter of which we don’t have. 

The country’s debt is out of control, impossible to repay, and politicians continued spending will increase our national debt, which is driving our country into bankruptcy.

Robert must realize that Democrats are also skilled at lying, Republicans do not have exclusivity. Wake up, Robert Lukacs!

 Jim Swenson


COVID-19 collateral


I am sad, and I am angry. My good friend David Wilson passed away of COVID-19 on Friday night, Sept. 18. 

David lived a full life of service to friends, family, church and to the University of Southern California, where he was a choral conducting professor for many years. He loved music and spent the last few years conducting the church choir of Christ Presbyterian Church in Goodyear.  

We met seven years ago when David became my oldest cello student at age 75. He was a dedicated student who put in hours of practice in pursuit of a dream. 

I am angry because David did not have to die in this way. He was vaccinated and followed medical advice. Somewhere along the line, other people were not as vigilant as he was and spread the disease to him. 

I hear people say COVID-19 will just have to run its course. The collateral damage of that approach is not acceptable. We have it in our power to love our neighbors and stop this curse. We did this with smallpox and polio, with measles and chicken pox. Science says the vaccine is safe and effective and it has been tested on 181 million fully vaccinated people in the United States. It is time to stop the carnage.

Mary Wilkening

Litchfield Park

Vote ‘yes’ for Agua Fria override


Providing the best education to our children is the key to Arizona’s future success and securing a better future for our community.  

Children need a solid foundation. Knowledge is the key. It is a guarantee and a promise of success.

Our community needs your “yes” vote! We know the important role education plays in our local economy. From economic opportunities to safe communities, strong schools play a pivotal role. If we want to continue attracting strong businesses and families, we must continue to support our local schools. I sincerely encourage everyone to vote “yes” on the override continuation for the Agua Fria Union High School District and the Litchfield Elementary School District this October. A “yes” on your ballots and a quick return will keep our communities strong and thriving.

Carmen Abogado


Camelback Road traffic congestion


Camelback Road traffic congestion has become terrible. About 90% of the traffic is from commercial vehicles, yet there are signs on the road staying no thru commercial vehicles. Why are semitrucks, cement trucks, dump trucks, etc., allowed on Camelback at 2 a.m. when Olive Avenue has 90% less traffic and no residential homes?

Ben Sanchez

Litchfield Park

Excellent letter


I’d like to commend Thomas Rico on his excellent letter in the Sept. 29 West Valley View. No truer words have been spoken in a long time. He should have been a carpenter, because I never saw anybody hit so many nails on the head in one letter. 

James Logan