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Sundance HOA I


Let me start by saying that I am on the Sundance Residential HOA board. Having said that, let it be known that I feel that I am being harassed by the HOA’s community manager and the legal firm under the direct orders of the HOA president. I have been told by the president that “he does not understand why I remain on the board, because I favor the homeowners too much and he’s tired of my b.s.”

I believe I am being targeted by this corrupt board by them sending various  violation letters (no one else has received the violation notices) and threatening letters from the HOA’s attorney to suspend my position on the board. The annual election is Sept. 28. My only crime is that I am vocal in the community and encourage  homeowners to apply for open positions on the board and to vote in order to make Sundance Residential a community where  people want to raise their family. We need people on the HOA board that are more in favor of the homeowners. We need a change in order to provide a happier environment for our community, a community where people are proud to say they live in Sundance Residential.

Sundancers, please vote. Together we can make a difference.  

Kathy Scarlett


Sundance HOA II


In 13 years in Buckeye, I have witnessed firsthand corruption that involves both the law firm and the management company employee’s participation in illicitly running Sundance Residential HOA for profit. I believe Tom Campanella receives “incentives” from vendors to keep him on their side. Mark Sahl is consistently adding usurious and unnecessary attorney fees to homeowners’ lots, also known as time theft. 

I challenge Campanella and Sahl’s 2013  statements to the Superior Court and petition for judicial relief to change the HOA bylaws to better suit their needs without 75% of the vote from the homeowners.

Every time Campanella makes a phone call to Sahl, they start the ATM for the attorney’s fees at a rate of about $400 per hour charged at 15-minute increments to whomever the homeowner they may be speaking about. I can attest to this because they added over $50,000 of attorney’s fees to my lot that started as a false claim for approximately $1,200 and attempted to collect on it in federal court, and they are still trying to collect and they never had board approval to file any claim against us. 

We have to take back the HOA and have these thugs removed. The next annual meeting will be held on Monday, Sept. 28. I am urging each and every homeowner to vote for the following candidates, Mark Rutkowski and Amanda Graffious, in order to get rid of the corruption in the HOA. 

Campanella, Sahl, the current president, vice president and treasurer of the HOA are all in cahoots against the homeowners, and they will stop at nothing to make as much profit off the homeowners as they can. Sundance Residential Homeowners Association was set up by the law firm to make a profit for themselves, which makes the entire HOA a scam.

If you have been sued by the HOA between January 2008 and November 2018, you may have a claim for fraud against the law firm, the management company and the HOA. They did not have board approval to file claims against the homeowners per their very own statement made in the Superior Court of Maricopa County. The HOA did not have a board of directors and therefore could not conduct any business.

In November of 2018, Campanella and Sahl presented a document to the board of directors to allow the law firm to file lawsuits against whatever homeowner they chose in an effort to mitigate the fact that they never had previous board approval to file claims against homeowners from 2008 to November 2018.

I consider this as fraud.

Furthermore, you may need to check with the county recorder’s office to make sure that you do not have any illegal liens on your lot that were initiated by AAM LLC without due process; you could be entitled to compensation for the removal of such liens, pursuant to ARS 33-420. I am not an attorney, and this editorial should in no way be considered legal advice. I recommend you seek the advice of a licensed attorney to pursue any action against these thugs.

It’s going to be a virtual meeting; everyone who has a computer, tablet or a smartphone can attend. We don’t have the link yet, but homeowners can drop their votes off the day of the meeting at the HOA office: 1280 S. Watson Road, Suite 101, Buckeye, 85326.

Joseph Jarvis


Teach your

children respect


Our officers are routinely met with aggressive armed subjects while responding to domestic disturbances, traffic stops, gang activity and criminal behavior. Each encounter with the public is unique, and the courageous men and women of law enforcement must diagnose them independently with split-second decisive actions. They are unfortunately required to do so these days all too often, as rapidly escalating confrontations increase.

The dissenting respect for law enforcement that protects and serves is appalling. Skewed statistics aside, so-called peaceful protests have sadly morphed into police assignations.

Armed subjects who refuse to comply with simple law enforcement requests are the catalyst. The only way to keep our communities safe is to support our police officers, not to publicly condemn them. Parents and educators, teach your children well and not only save our country but many precious lives.   

George F. Massey

Litchfield Park

Trump’s comments believable


Before I even read the Atlantic’s Sept. 3 article accusing Donald Trump of ridiculing fallen military members, it made me think back to Aug. 25, 2018. That is the day that our beloved Sen. John McCain passed away.  

Back in the 1960s, as most Arizonans know, the late senator was a naval pilot who flew bombing missions from aircraft carriers, including his 23rd bombing mission in October 1967. That is when his A-4E Skyhawk was shot down by a missile over Hanoi. Seriously injured while ejecting from the cockpit of his aircraft, McCain was captured by the North Vietnamese.  

McCain was a prisoner of war who experienced severe torture and other untold horrors until March 14, 1973. During those five and a half years, he never gave up, sustaining wounds that left the senator with lifelong disabilities. 

McCain is the epitome of a true war hero. 

On July 18, 2015, then-candidate Trump made the following comment about McCain: “He’s not a hero. He was a hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.” 

The article in the Atlantic claims that Trump has continually made vulgar remarks about the intelligence of service members, including calling the 1,800 Marines who lost their lives at Belleau Wood, France, during World War I “suckers” for getting killed.  

Naturally, Trump says the article is false and not to be believed.

His past comments about McCain make the article easy to believe.

Arthur Richarelli

Litchfield Park

The end is not near


 We have all seen the little guy wearing a robe and carrying a sign that says, “THE END IS NEAR.”

Well, this guy has been showing up since the beginning of time. However, the world has not ended yet, but many have died for not listening to this guy. Granted, this guy is just an icon, but he is back with a vengeance. If you think COVID-19, flooding, earthquakes, ice caps melting, etc., are the end of catastrophes to come, we have a whole lot of catastrophes for 2021 coming.

 It is going to be very bad for the people of Earth, and the Earth itself. With increased global population and travel, the spread of diseases, like COVID-19, is inevitable. Just a quick note on viruses: There are about 1x10 to the 30th power (trillion, trillion, give or take few) viruses on this planet right now. They are part of our planet’s evolution. They are mutating all the time. Some are good and some are not (e.g., COVID-19 is bad). 

They are RNA, a single strand, vs. DNA, which is a double strand. The RNA is the selector and DNA is the library, so to speak. You can look this up, thanks to our wonderful internet technology. If you have any doubts, look it up before you dismiss it. RNA and DNA work to select what our offspring will look like. RNA viruses use our DNA to duplicate themselves and spread. They also affect every living thing on our planet.

Then, when I see what is happening between our presidential candidates, it really is sad. With Trump’s knowledge of global economics but lack of political knowledge and with Biden’s knowledge of politics, they would make a great “Team America.” But like so many, they just can’t put aside their differences.

In summary, wait until you see what is next. You’re not going to believe it, even while it is happening.

 Dennis Wood