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Minority groups

and voting


My stomach turns every time I hear about people from my own LGBTQ community (or other minority groups) supporting and voting Republican.  Justices Thomas and Alito stated recently that gay marriage should be reviewed ... aka overturned.

Now Trump has packed the courts with his conservative picks (Republicans using hypocritical tactics to do it). Now they have a real possibility of doing this.  

So I ask LGBTQ Republicans, how are you going to feel when you are told your marriage/future marriage is not valid? I’m tired of those who tell me, “It won’t/can’t happen.” Not one of them has to worry because they are straight, married people. Easy to say when your own personal rights are not being attacked. How would interracial couples feel if they were suddenly told they can’t be married (again)? 

What happens if people start using religious excuses to prevent them from marrying? How can they support Republicans?

When a party attacks one minority, they eventually attack them all. Republican minorities, look out! Your time is coming. “... then they came for ... and I said nothing. Then they came for me, and no one was left to speak for me.”

Mike Getz


A fibbing scorecard


In the interest of being fair and balanced, here is an update on recent falsehoods from President Trump and Joe Biden. Note: This is not conceding that they are equal-opportunity liars, since the Poynter Institute scores 78% of Trump’s statements false and Biden scores 39% false as of Oct. 16.

From Biden: (Oct 15) “The White House eliminated funding for community policing.” False: The Trump budget proposed cutting half of the COPS program’s funding.

Biden: (Oct 10) “Senate Republicans’ move to confirm Judge Barrett in an election year is not constitutional.” False: Although this confirmation would be the closest to an election, it is allowed.

Biden: (Oct. 5) “During the Obama years, 18,000 people got clemency.” False: About 2,000 people got clemency in those eight years.

Biden: (Sept. 20) “The Trump campaign asked me to release my SCOTUS nominee list only after Judge Ginsburg’s death.” False: Trump’s campaign asked for Biden’s list in early September, before her death.

Biden: (Sept. 17) “When President Trump walked over to a church, he held a Bible upside down.” False: Though some images distorted it, Trump did hold “a Bible” (not his Bible) right-side up.

From Trump: (Oct. 15) “We are rounding the corner on COVID-19” False: Many states have record high numbers hospitalized, and about 800 people in the U.S. die each day from this virus.

Trump: (Oct. 15) “Changes to DACA during my term are due to the pandemic.” False: Trump started eroding DACA protections in 2017, and DACA applies only to young people who have been here for years.

Trump: (Oct. 12) “The World Health Organization just admitted I was right.” False: No, they didn’t, and WHO has been consistent in advocating mask wearing and avoiding large groups.

Trump: (Oct. 12) “Biden’s plan would be a 14% tax on middle-class families.” False: This is made up; there is no tax increase on middle-class families in Biden’s proposals.

Trump: (Sept. 30) “Joe Biden is a socialist.” False: Biden is a moderate Democrat. He does not advocate socialist policies.

A writer in the Oct. 14 West Valley View called for fair play in my letters. This is a “false equivalency” argument, i.e., “all politicians lie.” Maybe so, but Trump has recorded over 20,000 misleading and false statements in four years. And his are often more serious, even dangerous.

Biden has much better character and will be an excellent role model to lead America.

John Flynn