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Happy to help


Hey, AOC! Heard your idea on cause of rising crime rate. No American wants to see children starve. If shoplifting bread is a contributing factor on why rioters and looters need to do this to feed their families, I understand. They need our compassion. 

But, uh, could you let them know that Gucci and Coach stores don’t carry bread?

Happy to help.

Lynne Cole


Does America really want a President Biden?


If you believe the polls that allege Joe Biden is double digits ahead of President Trump, then I have some vine-ripe tomatoes in my garden in Antarctica that you will truly enjoy in your salad. This is fake news mainstream media’s “collusion” to try to sway voters away from using their brains to vote for Trump’s reelection. I’m sure Schiff is directing the sham.

I have joined five different polls across the country, and every single one of them shows President Trump way ahead of Biden. Two of the polls show Trump at 98% and Biden at 2%. One shows Trump at 97% and Biden at 3%. The lowest poll shows Trump in real danger—of winning reelection by the largest landslide in history; Trump 85%, Biden 15%. One shows Trump 80%, Biden 20%. 

I’m sure President Trump’s really sweating now, and for good reason. Biden just adopted Bernie’s socialist/communist ways and Bernie and Ocasio-Cortez seem to be his chief “advisers” now. This election is unprecedented in our history. This is the first time an Alzheimer’s patient is running for the leadership of the most powerful country on earth, at age 77 to boot! No discrimination here! This proves that anybody can really achieve their dreams in America, no matter what! 

Even though Biden’s wife, who has a Ph.D. in education, will not step in and talk her husband into getting out of the race. She wants to be First Lady, even if it’s for 15 minutes. The “never Trumpers” won’t stop trying to overthrow Trump until he stops breathing. Biden will stop breathing way before Trump. I can’t picture Biden enduring all of the obstacles that were thrown in front of Trump for 3 1/2 minutes, let alone three and a half years, and accomplishing what Trump has.

Before I ask what to expect from a Biden presidency, with the help of socialists/communists Bernie and Ocasio-Cortez, may I suggest that those who plan to vote Biden please brush up on your Spanish and communicate with some folks in Cuba and Venezuela and ask them how much they enjoy what was taken away from them. Silly me, my keyboard has a mind of its own. What I typed was ask them how much they “enjoy” what was “bestowed” upon them by their socialist/communist leaders, who the whole populations of both countries have spent decades trying to escape from. 

While you are at it, ask the people of Cuba and Venezuela why so many of them are escaping to other nonsocialist/communist countries if things are “so good.” This is just a hunch, but I bet many of them know the name Bernie Sanders. The Sandinistas know him like a brother in Nicaragua. So do the former Soviets, where Bernie spent his honeymoon. 

If the American socialists/communists actually succeed in turning America into the largest communist/socialist economy besides China, where will those of you who fought for freedom for generations flee to? I’d like an answer, because I have a lot of family who fled the Iron Curtain in Eastern Europe that took 80 years to tear down, and they don’t know if they should give up their American dream and go back before they lose all of their freedoms here that they fought for in the American military.

This country was built by immigrants, but socialists/communists were not on the boats until after they ruined Eastern Europe, Russia, Soviet Union and spread to Cuba and Nicaragua. If the former refugees who fled Eastern Europe go back to their former countries that are now rid of socialists/communists, they will give up what they now have, but it’s going down the toilet anyhow the past few months. 

Those who used to live behind the Iron Curtain could not fight, because their leaders disarmed the populations, just like Beto wants to do to you. Beto will be on Biden’s staff, believe me. Dictators are not just voted out of office. Countries have been under their thumbs for decades. Check with Cuba, China, North Korea, Russia. If the immigrants who fled the Iron Curtain countries stay here and fight for the freedoms they now have but are about to lose because of socialists/communists, they will have weapons this time, and many are veterans who defended this country, and blood will flow like a waterfall. Use your brains before you vote for anybody with socialist/communist ways of thinking—or lose all rights in life.

James Logan