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Tired of mudslinging


I’m not sure about anyone else, but it seems every week, this opinion section is dominated by a select few who want to drag everyone through their political mud-slinging contests. I get it, everyone has an opinion, but when a few folks continue to dominate the entire discussion week after week and month after month and don’t have any other topics, it gets old. 

I’m a Republican and none of the “Republicans” here represent me or my views. I’m not a fan of President Trump and the way he operates. That is my opinion. I don’t have to defend it and I’m certainly not going to join the gang mentality of “you joined the (insert Republican or Democrats here), now you have to toe the line.” 

I don’t have to yell at others who don’t agree with me and I certainly don’t have to spend every week, bullying anyone who reads the opinion page. Let’s talk about local issues. Traffic is already thick in the West Valley and with the current growth projections, it’s going to get a lot worse, what are our leaders doing about that? Let’s talk about the I-10 overpass which doesn’t go anywhere but is somehow going to alleviate congestion. Let’s talk about how so many single drivers are in the HOV lanes during the restricted hours. Let’s talk about trains, which are running during rush hours and block traffic for up to 30 minutes. 

Let’s talk about our education system and how can it be improved. Let’s talk about how so many parents aren’t being parents and the costs it puts on society. Let’s talk about how so many kids are in foster care for years because the parents are doing just enough to keep rights from being severed and the damage the children experience mentally, emotionally and socially from being stung along. 

Let’s talk about why so many folks feel legalizing drugs is a good idea (but hey, the state/city can get increased revenue from taxing it) but then state and local communities and families have to deal with the fallout effects and costs. Let’s talk about why we had to spend taxpayer money on signs to “warn drivers” they are going the wrong way on the interstate when they are drunk or on drugs. 

Let’s talk about domestic violence and why it still even exists. Let’s talk about how mental health is still just an afterthought for our country. Let’s talk about CEO/executive bonus and when enough is too much. Let’s talk about how teachers are paid $40,000 a year after getting a bachelor’s degree or higher and spend 60-plus hours a week while helping guide future generations. 

Let’s talk about how tax money is being used. Let’s talk about accountability for schools to show where their allotted money is being spent. Let’s talk about why solar is so expensive and folks get locked into 20- to 30-year loans and are told they can “have” their solar panels afterward. Like anyone would want 20- to 30-year-old technology at that point. 

Let’s talk about gang violence and crime in the West Valley and what we can do about it. Let’s talk about why skinny pants and man buns ever became a thing. Let’s talk about how so many folks are tatting their bodies and faces with permanent designs. Let’s talk about affordable housing and property taxes. Let’s talk about political corruption, kickbacks and the toxic political environment (local and national). 

This is the tip of the iceberg, but from what I’ve read weekly for the past two years from this opinion page, the only thing which matters is Republicans and Democrats attacking each other with renewed vigor. 

Jeremy Thompson


Offering a second opinion


Hello! First off, let me say how proud I am to be an American, and that people have the right to express their opinion on any subject they choose. This is a “second opinion” to one expressed by Lucy Baker of Litchfield Park. 

In her opinion, she expressed concern that large trucks and vehicles pulling trailers not traveling in the two right lanes are a primary source of accidents in the Valley. She also stated she comes from California, where these laws are strictly enforced and that she never has any accidents in California—only in Arizona.

I was a long-haul trucker for 21 years, having traveled extensively within California. I can tell you, not one time did I not get stuck in a major traffic jam due to accidents in California. Almost every time, it was due to four-wheel vehicle drivers simply acting unsafe and speeding. Yes, on occasion, trucks are the cause, but in almost every instance it was/is due to the driver of the car’s fault.

 Statistics back me up on this. In my opinion, the primary cause of accidents on our freeways is speeding and tailgating. Whenever you see trucks in the left two lanes in the Valley, they are usually at the speed limit on Valley freeways (65), while the cars buzzing around them average close to 80 or 85 miles per hour. As far as the safety of these trucks in the two right lanes are concerned, in Southern California, this amounts to nearly a solid wall of large, cumbersome vehicles in those two lanes. (It’s tricky trying to thread your way on/off the freeway.)

I am sure she is sincere in her convictions and feels that strict compliance to laws (that I have never been aware of, even though I passed drivers written test in the Valley for CDL type A four times through the years) would help alleviate the amount of accidents in the Valley. I think it would just accentuate the real problems of speed and tailgating.

Alexander Orona


Failing Buckeye grade?


OK first here is the joke: You have teachers with master’s degrees teaching children in elementary school and they need to bring in a consultant. 

First, that is our taxpayer dollars that is going to paying the consultant, while you pay highly (questionable) teachers to fail your children. Dina Cegelka says the school is a wonderful place for our students to grow. Yeah to a “D”-level education. She is concerned that a lot of children come with different levels of learning. What does that even mean? You have third-graders with a sixth-grade education or a fourth-grader with a first-grade education. If that’s the case, the school needs to be shut down. This is an excuse, for not doing the job properly. 

How much are we paying her and the teachers to fail? So, what does she concern herself with, “empowering our school communities?”

One of our strategic plan goals is how can we make sure our community in Buckeye feels connected with our culture. There’s double talk to make you think something will be done when nothing will be done. Oh, unless you consider the consultant is charging an arm and a leg to teach highly educated teachers how to deal with stress. Hey, try putting the efforts of the teachers toward teaching the basics—math, English, science and history—and give them control of the classroom.

Did you read her excitement and disappointment when she reported “we were at 57% so we were so close to a C.” Failure breeds failure, and striving for a “C” is nothing more than failure. Let’s look at it this way, if they get the “C,” then they can ask for another pay raise. Stop the double talk. Stop pretending you really care about the students. Get rid of the consultant and take those educated teachers and figure out a plan.

Last point: I was in Fairfield, California, in 2000 when the teachers went on strike. The school district’s grade was a “C.” When the strike was over, the teachers received a 15% pay raise. At the end of the school year, the school district was rated by the state with a C+. Look at what paying more did—nothing. I would recommend to the Buckeye school board that no pay raises take place until you can—without cheating—get your grade up to a “B.” But that will take becoming stricter and more demanding of teaching and students. Most of all, it will take being dedicated and driven to succeed. First, get rid of Buckeye Elementary Principal Dina Cegelka and find someone who will do the job without excuses. 

It’s time people we stop paying for failure. If they can’t succeed, then they need to go. Find teachers who want to be winners. 

Bruce Konecni


A response ‘Is Trump mistreated?’


Mike Getz’s letter of Jan. 29 entitled “Is Trump Mistreated” has prompted me to respond. Mr. Getz makes the following claims:

It is inconceivable that God would elevate Trump to the presidency, as claimed by Mr. Azzarello in a separate letter.

Former President Obama was treated worse than President Trump. Why? because Obama was black, and his name was “different.”

Those who support Trump are “Bible-thumping irrational, Republicans.”

Trump is totally self-centered, cares nothing about the American people, and is a deranged maniac.

Following is my response to each claim:

God most certainly chose Trump to be our president. I would have said the same if Hillary had won, but for different reasons. All events in life are either directly decreed by God or indirectly allowed by Him.

Obama treated worse than Trump? Really? University professors, major news organizations, Hollywood, TV programming, late-night talk show hosts, just to name a few, have all been trashing Trump since his election. Obama, who has a deep attachment to Islam, and who attended a racist church (The Rev. Jeremiah Wright) was treated like a Messiah. 

Getz uses the pejorative term “Bible-thumping Republicans.” Getz’s contempt for Christians is obvious.

Yes, Trump is a narcissist and his Tweets can be cutting. Probably all presidents were or are narcissists to some degree. However, Trump has done more for America in three years than Obama did in eight. Someone once said, “You shall know them by their fruits.” Trump has proved his love for our country as evidenced by the fruits he has produced.

Liberals often claim conservatives are full of hate. Mr. Getz’s post is “the pot calling the kettle black.” Trump2020.

Clay Troxell



and misguided


Legislators passed a much-needed distracted driver law, but they delayed the penalties until next year.  

Does anyone else see the outrage as we drive everyday observing impaired drivers erratically weaving, inconsistent speeds on freeway, running red lights all while texting or on the phone? The term “outrage” comes to mind. 

How many more accidents need to happen before the law starts penalizing drivers for their dangerous and misguided behavior?

Virgil Warden


Reply to ‘Martha needs our help’


In the letter “Martha needs our help,” Mr. Azzarello asks readers why vote for a captain (Mark Kelly), when you can vote for a colonel (Martha McSally). Apparently, Mr. Azzarello has no military experience/knowledge or he would know that a Navy captain (Kelly) rank is the same as an Air Force colonel (McSally). If military rank is one of the criteria for deciding who to vote for, Martha McSally really is in trouble.

Rob Odgers

Litchfield Park



Wow, Mr. Getz! I can’t recall ever reading such broadly brushed hysteria in a letter to the editor as that contained in your letter of Jan. 29.

You actually made Roy Azzarello appear reasonable!

Good job!

Bruce M. Smith


Constitutional crisis


We have a constitutional crisis.

Our Founding Fathers created tripartite checks and balances to save us from the edicts of a crazy king and his complicit parliament. Having lived the nightmare, and most having lost everything, they knew the danger.

Chief Justice Roberts could have bravely asserted the authority of the judicial branch to learn the truth by refusing to end the “impeachment trial” until house managers called, examined and cross-examined the multiple first-hand witnesses the executive branch refused to allow to testify. 

Acting in one’s best interest is not always a corrupt act, but a chief executive who can unilaterally do anything he or she believes to be in the national interest, without oversight of legislative and judicial branch checks and balances, is a king in the worst sense of the title. 

Many members of the current congressional and judicial branches of our government lack the ability and will to resolve our Constitutional crisis. 

May God help us preserve our Republic as many elected leaders seem too ignorant of history, or possibly too self-serving or cowardly, to do what needs to be done.

John Bradley