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Thanks a lot


Wow. Thanks for all the research, John-Joe Flynn. But as far as a role model ... I wouldn’t go that far.

Anyway, stick to whatever you believe.

Dennis Batterman


Joe’s no boss


Imagine owning a business and having an employee that every year for 47 years upon his yearly review barely met minimum standards, nothing noteworthy, nothing outstanding, and then after 47 long, long years, this same employee comes up to you one day and says, “Come on, man, make me boss, I’ve got a plan about how to fix ... you know the thing!”

No thanks to Joe to four more years of ineptitude!

Mark Killinger

Litchfield Park

Some responses


Two points I want to make.

First, John Flynn is an obvious Trump hater, and that’s his right, but to claim Joe Biden has better character than anyone, let alone our President Trump, certainly marks Flynn as a blatant liar. I have suspected this all along, but he certainly proved it in his (Oct. 21) letter to the editor.

Second, Mike Getz, whatever you do in the privacy of your home is entirely your business, and I couldn’t care less. But now you are telling the whole world you have the right to judge any and everyone that doesn’t agree with you and your views makes me know you think you are just way smarter than anyone else that fits your particular call about life.

Please note, I said particular, as in no way am I judging you and your lifestyle, but I can say I don’t like you judging anyone either, plus I don’t like socialism or communism and, for a fact, neither should you.

Clyde Jorgensen





And why do I support Donald Trump? Look at his record. He has stood up to China, kept America out of new wars, solidified ties with Israel, overturned the disastrous Iran deal and obliterated ISIS.

He killed the leader of ISIS and Iranian terrorist Solemani. Domestically, he removed handicapping regulations to American economic growth, rebuilt a depleted military, brought back manufacturing and revamped dying industries by renegotiating trade deals and cutting taxes; he has achieved energy independence, curbed immigration—all of which contributed to setting record unemployment rates. Re-negotiated trade deals in our favor. The list is too long to write each one.

He has tackled neglected issues such as human trafficking and unjust incarceration for minor crimes like smoking pot. Not to mention, he is being considered for three Nobel Peace Prizes for negotiating peace between Israel and UAE and Israel and Bahrain and peace between Kosovo and Serbia. 

Democrats feared he would start a new war every week. 

Maybe this list is not as long as Mr. Flynn’s list of complaints. I just watched the 30-mile-long Truckers for Trump parade on the Interstate 17, so somebody besides me loves Trump. With all the garbage that has been thrown at this president, and no other president in history has had a first term full of blockades thrown at him and so many attempts by members of Congress including the Speaker of the House, the witch who loves witch hunts, trying to overthrow him with every sham they could think of, you will now see this president win with the biggest landslide in history.

So, make sure you have enough popcorn and wine on Nov. 3 to watch this event unfold. It’s time to keep the corrupt Biden family from making another dime from their Ukraine, Kazakhstan and China scams and their money laundering in Latvia and Romania, Cyprus and a few other countries. Anybody else would have been locked up by now. 

The huge boat parades in Florida, South Carolina and Chicago for Trump, with over 2,500 boats each parade, never made it to mainstream media.

James Logan


Notes on the




John, “There you go again.”

Trump said this ... Biden said that ... and your whole letter is in the noise.

Trump has been battling for four years getting our country back where it was when Reagan held the office, and all he has gotten from the libs, Dems, and socialists is grief, resistance and damn near treasonous accusations.  

You need to open your eyes and see what you have on your side of the aisle coming at you. A has-been, never-was, presidential candidate that’s mired in the China/Ukraine scandal that isn’t getting it’s due coverage from the drive-by media. 

 A guy that can’t find his way out of the basement, who stumbles on his way to the mic to mumble a few incoherent sentences, and leaves the audience and his backers with a “where do we go from here?”  

The answer, of course, is straight to Kamala Harris, who will be the president in waiting. Now there’s a real scary option for all of us, yourself included. Face reality here—a Democrat win sends our country back to the dark ages, with a tax and spend agenda, “close the country down” and wait it out hoping for the best solution to our current version of the “Black Plague” with a majority of leaders and politicians who are skilled only at criticism and have no answers of how we get out of the dark.

The only option is to re-elect President Trump and help him finish the job of Making America Great Again so we can all enjoy peace, prosperity and the promise of what this country means to the world. The choice is there for you and all Americans.

Tom MacKenzie