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Camelback Road

traffic congestion


Traffic on Camelback Road between the 303 and Indian School Road has become a nightmare. Thousands of cement trucks, dump trucks and UPS semi-trucks drive all day/night — even at 2 a.m. Camelback Road has become the new I-10 freeway. Commercial vehicles are not allowed on Indian School Road between Litchfield Park and PebbleCreek, so why are they allowed on Camelback between Litchfield Park and the newer Palm Valley development? There are just as many homes with children yet 10 times more traffic. 

Michael Brown

Litchfield Park

Democrats, fight



Like anyone else, Democrats show a frustrated and worried demeanor toward policies they find morally wrong. This is how they behaved once they heard about the various ways Republicans are trying to limit voting across the United States. This demeanor, however, is improper.      

True, Democrats must show their passion while opposing the recent tyranny that Republicans introduced, that is, voter suppression. But Democrats must not fight it as if it were a threatening problem. Why? The answer is an uplifting one: because Democrats are a strong force against tyranny. 

What makes that so clear is that they, overwhelmingly, beat the tyrant of our time, namely, Donald J. Trump — just to establish this man was a tyrant. I could go on about how often he lied, about how he tried to discredit all media, about how Russia seems to favor him, but for now I will simply say that there is an obvious reason why Timothy Snyder, a professor at Yale whose expertise is tyranny, discussed Trump so much. 

But back to the main point: because Democrats have defeated Trump, that indicates — no, confirms — they are powerful against tyranny, meaning that they should not fret over the voter suppression, because they will defeat it.    

My complaint, in short, is a modest one. It is upsetting that the Democratic Party is not fighting in the way they should. Considering how well they discarded Trump, they ought to know their fight to protect the votes of the American people will be an easy one. 

To Democrats: Do not fear the efforts in favor of voter suppression. Fight it and fight it in the manner that shows your strength — confidently! 

Ruben Martinez Garcia


Oil prices


Why did the oil price drop in 2020? Why are the oil prices increasing in 2021?

There are three main factors that commodities traders look at when developing the bids that influence oil prices. These are the current supply, future supply and expected demand.

Crude oil prices react to many variables, including economic news, overall supplies and consumer demand. OPEC is an international oil producing cartel that plays an important role in determining global oil supplies. Economic growth and increased industrial production can drive up the demand for crude oil.

In 2020, plummeting of the WTI oil price was the direct consequence of an oversupply of fuel and a declining demand for fuel amidst travel restrictions and economic lockdowns — not Trump or Biden.

Neither the Biden administration nor the Trump administration had anything to do with the price increase per barrel of oil. Some believe it is Biden to blame. However, some people are always looking to put the blame on someone or something else for their misguided beliefs. And like Trump, “they may not always be right, but they are never ever wrong.” 

In addition, the rapid production of the COVID-19 vaccine was not due to the Trump administration but due to the scientists who realized the importance of getting a vaccine out as soon as possible. Trump had nothing to do with the rapid production of the vaccine. He actually stated in one of his earlier 2020 speeches that the COVID-19 virus would just go away on its own by November 2020.

I could state a lot of other incidents where the people have been misled, and by whom, but I will let CNN do that. They seem to be pretty good at getting the truth out. 

Dennis Wood


Cowardly governor


Ducey was too cowardly to enforce a mask mandate for the state because it wasn’t popular with his base. 

The cities need to make those decisions, he said. They know what’s best, he said. That way at least he would remain in the good graces of his Republican colleagues who didn’t want one for their city. Now he has the “courage” to strip those powers away. Suddenly he needs to make the decisions for them, meaning the ones that did have a mask mandate. The ones that didn’t care about popularity — quite the turnabout from his previous stance of giving the cities the power to decide what was best for their own city.    

His one saving grace is standing up to the Trumpsters about our safe and fair election process and the outcome of it.  He’s remained quiet on that lately. Maybe he realizes you can’t talk to those lost souls who are out of touch with reality. Oh wait, he still wants their votes, hence stripping away the cities’ powers on the mask mandate. Now it makes sense…political “sense.” Ducey, you are a coward and have shown that you put your political future above all else.

Mike Getz