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The middle class will pay


In the View’s Dec. 22 issue on page 8, it noted that the city of Goodyear is in “good” financial shape, to the point they are giving raises, which I am sure are warranted. That said, during the 2020 year, things are just not the same as usual; everyone has had to tighten their belts. Also in 2020, stimulus checks of $1,200, the $600 and, maybe, $2,000. Wow, free money for raises and stimulus checks!

But in the mail recently, Goodyear residents were notified of a proposed “utility rate increase.”

Why, when the city of Goodyear is in “good” financial shape, an even better year than in 2019? Well, one only has to look at all of the “free” things given to each and every new warehouse that you see built. They all require hookups for water, wastewater, sanitation and stormwater. But incentives to land those companies to occupy those warehouses are required. So good old residents of Goodyear need to step up and pay for them.

Now to the stimulus checks. Those, too, come with a cost: raising your taxes. So be prepared with the next administration during their time in office to raise taxes and cut spending, probably, the military! And guess who gets to pay? The middle-class taxpayer, because there just aren’t enough rich people to cover the needed money. 

So Goodyear is just like Washington—they give it away on one hand and take it away on the other; there is no free lunch. Somebody has to pay and as usual; it’s the middle class!

Bill Davis


Plants are good food


With the “Year of COVID” barely behind us, we look forward to the New Year and the customary resolutions: reduce personal weight, reduce time on social media and reduce consumption of animal foods.

Yes, that. Nearly 40% of Americans are already eating more plant-based foods. Hundreds of school, college and corporate cafeterias have embraced Meatless Monday. Even fast-food chains like McDonald’s, Burger King, Carl’s Jr., Chipotle, Denny’s, Dunkin’, Starbucks, Subway, Taco Bell and White Castle offer plant-based options.

Dozens of startups, led by Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods, are producing plant-based meats, milks, cheeses and ice creams. Every ice cream manufacturer boasts nut-based flavors. Even meat industry giants Tyson Foods, Perdue, Hormel and Canada’s Maple Leaf Foods have rolled out their own plant-based meat products.

The reasons for the skyrocketing popularity of plant-based meat and milk products are compelling: They are more convenient, healthier, more eco-friendly and more compassionate than their animal-based counterparts.

The resolution to explore plant-based foods requires no sweat or deprivation—just some fun visits to our favorite supermarket and food websites.

Wilfred Wallace

Litchfield Park



Congratulations to Igor Shpudejko for his excellent explanation of the fraudulent election. Well done, but I’d like to add a couple more points. Reading much of the evidence that Trump’s attorneys tried to present to the courts, which was denied by Democrat judges appointed mostly by Obama, some evidence presented in Nevada showed that 91,000 dead people voted on Nov. 3. 

This gives us hope that there really is life after death. Imagine how many dead people in the other 49 states got out of their coffins and voted. One man died in 1832. What a patriotic trooper! 

My one letter stated that I wouldn’t put it past the Democrats to put a ballot on each tombstone in every cemetery in the nation. Seems I was right. One election worker in one battleground state swore on her affidavit that she put a blank ballot into a Dominion voting machine and the end result was a vote for Biden. The “good” news is you won’t have to pack and move to Venezuela, because if the fraud isn’t corrected soon, you will be living in the United States of Venezuela without leaving your home.

If the anarchists start burning cities again, like the Democrats allowed them to do in Democrat cities, I hope the military intervenes and locks them up for a long time. The people are sick of letting Democrat mayors and governors set them free after three hours and having celebrities bail them out to continue criminal behavior. If the fraud isn’t stopped now, expect it in every election. 

The Democrats can’t win fairly, so they resort to every scam they think of. The world is watching.

James Logan