Cold, hard facts


I can still hear my mother saying to me all these years later, just because someone else did something wrong doesn’t make what you did OK. 

I am a bottom-line kind of person; always have been. Let’s just look at the cold, hard facts about Jan. 6.

The fact is Jan. 6 was a visually sickening sight of the U.S. Capitol being desecrated by American citizens breaking in the doors and windows to get to the elected officials conducting officials inside. The unforgettable chanting to hang Vice President Mike Pence and Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

With this November’s ballot, all I have to remember is the horrors of Jan. 6.

Vickie Chelini, Buckeye


Facts matter


Why has the West Valley View become such a beacon for liberal and progressive hate? Week after week, in the Letters to the Editor section, progressives are ridiculed as hating America, relishing power, intolerant, craving domination, unpatriotic, George Soros acolytes and willing to “gin up crisis after crisis” to demean Donald Trump. 

The letters on Sept. 7 are an example. And then week after week J.D. Hayworth puts the cherry on top with his demeaning and spiteful column defending Trump and his actions and demeaning our current president with nicknames, snide remarks and dishonest portrayals. 

America has always made room for honest dissent in our politics, but lately, the far right has turned politics into a cult of personality However, if you don’t believe the election was somehow stolen, you are delusional, irrational and unpatriotic. How many times are liberals accused of hating America because we support our current administration or get accused of being “woke”? 

Does supporting the “big lie” make you patriotic? Apparently so. Rejecting it makes you disloyal, blinded and unpatriotic! Every MAGA Republican running for a key office in Arizona has said this. Why? Well, because they just know it’s true.  Facts be damned!

The WVV letter from Susan Hewitt of Sept. 7 asks why do liberals “gin up a Jan. 6 crisis and manufacture the recent unlawful raids at Mar-a-Lago”? Maybe it’s because thousands of Trump supporters stormed the Capitol with the intent to overthrow our government at his direction. (BTW, how many supporters flying Biden flags were in that mob?)  

Or maybe the fact that Trump took thousands of secret and top-secret documents home in a shoebox just so he could store them safely(?), putting our nation’s security at risk.  

Facts, even when they don’t fit your own narrative, still matter. We all agree that there are real issues facing us as a nation including dampening inflation, unrest in China and Taiwan, Russia invading Ukraine, supply chain issues, etc., but these issues are best worked on together, not as separate parties.  

Poor Igor Shpudejko on Sept. 7 also suggests the way to solve these issues is to support Donald Trump and his MAGA disciples, because, well, liberals are bad. When Biden suggested that the MAGA maniacs arming themselves to put Trump back in power had better realize that “you need F-15s to take on the government,” Igor wonders if F-15 pilots are being trained to bomb Americans?  

This crazy, distorted logic does nothing to “Make America Great Again.” It is mean-spirited, unfounded and a complete waste of time.

We all need to get out of our comfort zone and spend some time talking to people who don’t share our view of the world. Realize that we are in this together, not just as Democrats or Republicans, but Americans. Nobody hates America! Differences in political views are normal, but they shouldn’t be toxic. We are all parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, veterans, retired, blue collar or white collar. We are all American citizens hoping for a better way of life. Why not accentuate the things we have in common, not the things we differ on?  

Chuck Veltri, Goodyear


‘Yes’ on LESD No. 25 budget override


Some might say the proposed Liberty Elementary School District No. 25 budget override election is simply about dollars and cents being directed toward the health and development of vital programs and the retention of quality teachers. It is that and so much more. This election boils down to what’s worth growing and what’s worth protecting. The answer is the legacy of Liberty. 

When you look at the district’s monthly newsletter and the rich and uplifting content regularly being produced on its social media channels, it is easy to see what’s worth protecting — and that’s the longevity and the continued development of a small but mighty group of teachers committed to our students. I am voting “yes.”

Joe Hengemuehler, Goodyear