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Successful rally,



Trump’s rally was indeed a success as all his others have been. Reading though the letter from John Flynn on March 25 stirred my response. Most of it was typical liberal junk, but the last paragraph was the real winner. He’s down to two choices to fulfill his “person of better moral character, more intelligence and more supportive of American values and traditions than our current president.” An old avowed socialist and an old guy who doesn’t know where he is or what he stands for. Good luck with those two choices.

Tom MacKenzie


A chance to

change the game


We are in an unprecedented and unique time in the world’s history, and certainly sports injuries are not top of mind. Yet, there is a worthwhile discussion to be had and a new perspective to be gained as we are all sidelined in a time of crisis. As a pediatric sports medicine physician, there are countless visits filled with tears over missed seasons, playing time or even practice, for that matter. Well, how will things turn out for the youth sports machine after an essentially complete shutdown?

Youth sports will return, and my sense is that both physicians and athletes will be enlightened. We will realize that even when workouts are postponed, championships are canceled or an entire season is lost, the athlete will endure. We will understand that athletes can still be elite and scholarships can still be earned in the absence of relentless pursuit of perfection.

The present crisis and stay-at-home orders have forced our young athletes to rest, and the result will be illuminative. If sports return this spring, track athletes will still put up blazing times and rested pitchers will be throwing with remarkable velocity and accuracy. Competitive cheer routines will still be remarkably precise. Athletes will soon realize that this unsolicited rest hasn’t eroded their skill; it has allowed it to flourish while being rested and rejuvenated.

We must realize the moment we have before us. A moment where we can convincingly show everyone with interest in youth sports that a simple respite is more valuable than we might imagine. An awakening that young athletes can rest without irreparable harm to their athletic career. The only question that remains is will we take advantage of this chance to protect our athletes or will we quickly forget once all returns back to normal?

Dr. Randon Hall


Essential or not?


Gov. Ducey, thank you for redefining “essential businesses.” We all want to feel happy and good about ourselves, but sometimes we have to think of the bigger picture, and not just of ourselves. We can actually do our own nails. So what if our hair gets longer? Do you really need that tattoo now? Does that tan really matter? We are talking maybe two months if everyone just follows the rules of social distance/interactions. We need to sacrifice today so we can have a tomorrow.

Mike Getz




Pelosi is trying to squeeze airline carbon footprint regulations into coronavirus proposed legislation—as she steps off a private jet following a cross-country flight.

Lynne Cole


Split squad


The April 1 edition of West Valley View has a letter from Ken Williams, supposedly pleading to put “united” back into United States. But as he continues, he sorts us into two groups: pro-leftist and pro-American. Huh? I’m a retired Army officer and have always considered myself definitely pro-American. Based on Williams’ view, however, I must be “pro-leftist,” as I am a liberal-leaning moderate on both the fiscal and political spectrums. Also, based on Williams’ opening statement in his letter, “Another great American leader, President Abraham Lincoln…” It doesn’t take a Rhodes scholar to interpret that lede as a decided Trump admirer. Putting Trump in Lincoln’s class is an aberration.

Fred Raymond





I wonder if anyone has ever mentioned an age discrimination issue in PebbleCreek? Two weeks ago, I moved into the community and have never felt more unwelcomed. Let me be honest—I am 18 years younger than the 55-year-old (and up) senior citizens around me. It’s sad to me that such a community could be so exclusive of someone who pays her bills, serves the community as a science educator and smiles with a wave at everyone she passes. My return encounters include being scolded for driving 21 mph in a 25 mph zone and aggressively screamed at for walking in an area that I’m not supposed to be walking in. Who knew? There were no signs up. 

If this is what getting old is about, I hope these people do stay isolated in PebbleCreek and leave the rest of the city of Goodyear alone. We don’t deserve their negativity at a time when the world is facing so many more problems. Might someone stop and think that a renter in their community means one more house won’t be foreclosed upon? Or maybe that someone a little younger could genuinely be an asset, instead of a burden, to the community? 

My heart goes out to the people of PebbleCreek, as they certainly need something better to do with their time and could use their talents enforcing rules in a place where they don’t prey on those under 40.

Sara Howell