Letter to the editor

What the heck


What has happened to our country?  

The far right and left is what has happened, and has made everyone angry and divisive.  

You have people wanting to erase our history; tear down monuments; and change the names of sports teams, streets and landmarks.  

You have people ignoring facts, science and health. People wanting religion instituted in everything, but only if it’s theirs, and passing laws guided by their religion. 

People wanting to arm themselves with big, powerful weapons in the name of civil rights. People wanting to allow all free speech as long as they agree with it. 

People passing laws to suppress the oppressed. People more worried about keeping their positions instead of doing the correct things. We need to remember, “Everything in moderation.” We need more moderates and less extremists — on both sides.

Mike Getz, Goodyear

Wrong idea


Biden can be blamed for many things, but that was not the purpose of my letter published April 6, 2022. 

But because he brought it up, Steve Shaffer must realize that President Biden’s policies are the root cause of problems in America, and he must take the blame for all major issues of the day, including foreign policy, inflation, energy, COVID-19, border security and law enforcement, as our president and leader of the free world.

Instead, Steve blames corporate America and Biden blames Putin. Corporate America is responding to the existing dynamics of market directions resulting from these failed policies, and to their credit have been successful, protecting both large and small investors alike.  

Students of finance understand the realities of being in business.

Biden’s early executive orders resulted in cutbacks in oil production, as he promised in his campaign, to promote electric vehicles.

I am surprised Steve didn’t blame Trump as all liberals are still doing. Oh, wait, Trump on foreign policy was peace through strength, and the Southern border was under control, as was inflation and law enforcement, and America was energy independent, an exporter of oil and gas, and COVID-19 shot distributions were set up for Biden.

Steve, as an informed, thinking person, should be honest about the causes.

Jim Swenson, Goodyear

Musk rules


Elon Musk’s recent desire to acquire Twitter has sent many leftists “all a twitter.” 

Mr. Musk’s statement: “Free speech is the bedrock of a functioning democracy” is too much to swallow for leftists who value only their speech and suppress all other speech.

Even their current CEO, Parag Agrawal, has openly stated that he does not support free speech — no surprise there considering he banned a former American president who garnered over 74 million votes in the last election. Apparently, Trump supporters are also not welcome.

Media Matters for America President Angelo Carusone stated that Musk buying Twitter would be “a victory for disinformation and the people who peddle it and could unleash a wave of toxicity and harassment.” 

So having a true public forum for various views is toxic — only to the liberal mindset. No surprise there, as all totalitarian societies do not allow for opposing views. Try debating with liberal college students that a man cannot be a woman.

The left has shown its true colors and must now be defeated if we are to keep our freedoms and rights.

Igor Shpudejko, Goodyear

Energy prices


If you ever researched a subject on Google, you will find support for your position. If you favor the left, that support will be among the first listed. But hang in there and somewhere near the end you may find support for a more conservative view. 

So, in regard to what caused the high prices for gasoline and home energy, John Flynn, Barry Eisler as well as Jim Swenson can point to reports supporting their diverse opinions.

But, we all know that the rise and fall of prices for just about every product, including fossil fuels, depends upon the supply and demand for said product; and we also know that we had achieved energy independence under Trump and low gas prices at about $2.70 per gallon. 

Furthermore, Biden, in his campaign, promised that he would eliminate fossil fuels to save our planet; and on his first day he signed executive orders, implementing his war on fossil fuels, rejoining the Paris Accord, imposing further costly regulations on drilling and the production of fossil fuels, etc. 

Shortly thereafter, well before Putin invaded Ukraine, gas prices started to rise because of oil shortages and the need for Biden to beg OPEC, and Russia and other countries, to send us more oil.

He further released millions of barrels of oil from our reserves to offset the high cost of gasoline. Yes, Biden’s war on fossil fuels caused a reduction of our supply and thus the rise of gasoline prices. It further prevented us from supplying Germany with natural gas and oils that may have prevented the war on Ukraine.

Jerry Votendahl, Litchfield Park