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Vote for America


The 2020 election is very close now. I hope people use their brains when they vote and put the country and American people first. 

Never in my life have I witnessed such a pathetic Democrat Party. The founding fathers have all turned over in their graves, but I’m sure they are glad they wrote a perfect Constitution with every amendment as protection for the corrupt members of our present Congress who have spent the past four years trying to overthrow a duly elected president, according to what their written document states. 

The French words for their blatant attempt are coup d’etat. When you say your prayers every night, make sure you thank God that crooked Hillary didn’t make it to the Oval Office. The Democrats have a bad habit of keeping corruption flourishing in our government and trying their best to prevent Trump from draining the swamp. This is why we need term limits—to get rid of career politicians who obstruct great presidents and hold back the economy. They specialize in throwing wrenches into well-oiled machines. They prefer crime and criminal behavior and anarchy in big cities for months at a time, with Democrat mayors and governors refusing to stop them and destroying and defunding all of the police protection that taxpayers paid for. 

Who ya gonna to call when they break into your home, Ghostbusters? The Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot of Chicago protected her own home by having the police bar protesters from coming near her home, but they are allowed to continue going toward your homes as full-blown riots. Yet, the people in Chicago keep her in office. Democrats at their finest. Do you think the rest of the country looks the other way?

I moved here from California after 30 years of Democrat destruction of that beautiful state that Democrats bankrupted. Arnold and Reagan were the only great governors. Now, you have Pelosi’s nephew bankrupting the state. They put Jerry Brown back in office after he bankrupted it once. Just keep raising taxes and everything will be “fine.” Tourists have to deal with thousands of homeless tents and excrement all over the streets. Even after Trump gave tax cuts, California keeps raising taxes to the max so that thousands are leaving except the big-mouth celebrities who threaten to move out of the country every election if Trump wins, but they are still here. I’d gladly pay for their moving van.

The chance of Biden/Harris “building better” are the same as finding just one crystal-clear picture of bigfoot after a half century of every picture being blurry. The Democrats want to do away with the Electoral College, but Justice Ginsberg says it’s impossible because the forefathers safely guarded it and the whole Constitution would have to be rewritten to accomplish that. It’s about time a businessman fixed what politicians did to screw up America. And, he did it handcuffed in record time. He helped every race prosper and he’s still called racist. Biden says he’ll call in the medical experts to attack the virus. Trump and his experts have done just that since January. 

He couldn’t see it from his bunker.  

James Logan



RNC falsehoods


Speakers at the RNC told dozens of lies, distortions and misleading statements. A full review of falsehoods listed by fact checkers such as the BBC, Politifact, the AP and FactCheck.org would require several issues of the West Valley View.

So, let’s focus on King Donald himself. I can mention only a few of the 20-plus whoppers he told in his acceptance speech on August 27.

1) Trump: “If you elect Joe Biden, the radical left will defund the police.” Fact: Biden will increase funding for police and mental health services.

2) Trump: “Over the last three months we have gained a record 9 million jobs.” Fact: We lost 22 million jobs since April, and 9 million have come back.

3) Trump: “The U.S. has the lowest “case fatality rate” of any major country from COVID.” Fact: The U.S. has the most deaths of major country by far, and not the lowest “case rate.”

4) Trump: “Biden has pledged a $4 trillion tax increase on almost all families.” Fact: Biden supports a higher tax rate for people making over $400,000 a year over 10 years.

5) Trump: “We will strongly protect patients with pre-existing conditions.” Fact: Trump is in court now trying to repeal the ACA’s protection for preexisting conditions.

6) Trump: “Biden has promised to abolish the production of fossil fuels.” Fact: Biden supports transitioning to more clean energy sources over the next 20 years. 

7) Trump: “Biden is opposed to school choice.” Fact: Biden is opposed to using taxpayers’ money to support for-profit charter schools. 

8) Trump: “Obama and Biden spied on my campaign and got caught.” Fact: An investigation by Senate Republicans did not find any improper actions by Obama or Biden, and they confirmed Russia meddled in the 2016 election to benefit Trump.

9) Trump: “Biden will give free health care to illegal immigrants.” Fact: Biden supports allowing all immigrants to purchase health insurance, with no federal aid.

10) Trump: “The most dangerous cities are a result of Democrat policies.” Fact: 80% of big cities are run by Democrats. The FBI says Democrats are not the cause of the unrest and violence in the streets. Poverty, inequality and racial injustice are national problems.

Closed schools and businesses. More than 180,000 COVID deaths. Soaring unemployment and massive street protests are happening in Trump’s America, not Joe Biden’s. His response? “It is what it is” and “I am not responsible.” This is epic failure of leadership. America needs to fire immoral, lying, incompetent Donald Trump and elect decent, truthful, experienced Joe Biden.

John Flynn


Russian bounty

program hoax


I am responding to the following quoted statement in Mr. Compton’s recent letter headlined “Trump is failing”: “This Russian bounty scandal is treasonous, incompetence/negligence, murder and sedition—deserving capital punishment.” In my opinion, to infer that Trump is a traitor for not buying in to a hoax is irresponsible.

This alleged bounty story broke on June 26, claiming the Russians were paying Islamic fighters bonuses for every U.S. service member they killed starting in 2018. Like the Taliban needed any incentives to kill Americans. It was also reported Trump was briefed on this program early on but didn’t discuss it with Putin, as he believed it was a hoax, which has since been proven true. However, during Secretary Pompeo’s telecom with Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov on July 13, he warned him against targeting U.S. soldiers. 

By July 2, it was no longer a headline story. Also, spokespersons in every U.S. intelligence agency indicated they had no information to confirm such a program was ever launched.

Evidence was produced that Russians were providing arms to the Taliban.

On July 7, ABC reporter Martha Raddatz interviewed Gen. Kenneth McKenzie, commander of all Middle East forces, for his views. He stated, “I found this report worrisome. I didn’t believe it was tied to actual U.S. military deaths. I just didn’t find there was a link there. Also, the intelligence case wasn’t proved to me.” Shortly after this interview, the alleged Russian bounty program faded away as major news story.

In addition to the above denials by authorities, there is another way to verify or discount this rumor by reviewing U.S. casualties prior to and after the 2018 reputed bounty program start date. These casualty numbers were extracted from the Defenselink Casualty Report dated July 2020.

From 2001 to 2014, American casualties from all causes totaled 2,255, an average of 14.2 fatalities/month. Offensive combat operations ended in 2015 when the U.S. military switched to defensive tactics only. This mission change drastically reduced casualties to only 53 over a three-year period (2015 to 2017), an average of 1.48/month. These operational changes occurred before the alleged Russian bounty program was supposedly implemented. With the rumored bounty program underway in 2018, deaths have totaled 46 to date or 1.53/month. No fatalities have been reported since March.

Bounty programs are supposed to produce kills. This one didn’t indicate the Russians never implemented it, as average monthly fatalities remained unchanged from 2015 to the present (about 1.5/month). Since intelligence could not confirm a kill, it’s logical to conclude it was never launched—refuting Compton’s statement. 

Nyle Neumann