Letters to the Editor

Vote for Kris Mayes


Many of the residents and businesspeople may remember back to 2005 — when the company known as LPSCO Palm Valley Water Reclamation Plant at 14222 W. McDowell Road, Goodyear — was emitting an awful stench.

People would say it was so bad, they had to roll up their windows while driving past, etc. We had a tax office just across the parking lot from LPSCO and it was so bad that clients were complaining. It made us gag just going out of our office. 

LPSCO has changed hands a few times and now is Liberty Utilities Palm Valley Water Reclamation Plant. 

We had a fight on our hands to stop the stench, but we took it to the city council and the corporation commission.

When we advised the corporation commission of the problem, Kris Mayes of the corporation commission became instantly involved.  

She was the moving force who helped correct the problem that the company did not intend on fixing. They would have had to spend their investors’ money. By this time, it was owned by a Canadian Conglomerate — Algonquin.

Bottom line is that Kris Mayes is a woman of her word and will fight for the “underdog” and what she sees as unfair and wrong.  

Kris Mayes is running for Arizona attorney general in this coming election. We know, definitely, that a vote for Kris Mayes is a vote for someone who cares about the people of Arizona. She wants to do whatever is in her power to see that our life in Arizona is changed for the better.  

Please don’t forget when voting that Kris Mayes cares about us all. 

Janet and Richard Kirshbaum, Goodyear


Begging for forgiveness


The following is a letter from Joseph A. DiMeco Jr. to Dr. Mitchell Giangobbe of Sun City West. 

I am imploring humbly, groveling with great obsequiousness at your feet, to beg for your forgiveness and compassion for my rude comments.

I still want to remain your patient; and I was unaware that you were so sick, and to the depth of your family’s sickness. I am so sorry for my insensitive actions. It is obvious that an information breakdown has taken place, and it could be all mine, but I thought that I had done all that I could, which obviously it was not. 

So again, I ask for your forgiveness. I was without sleep for three days before the board date May 27, which we won but only if you combined the Oct. 8, 1987, active duty in Korea diagnosis with the nexus letter you wrote, and the board said you were a genius in writing.   

I am suffering from a reaction to amiodarone, and they are the following: cough, dizziness, lightheadedness, near fainting, numbness in fingers and toes, trembling or shaking of the hands.

I was tested for suspicion of Parkinson’s, trouble with walking because iliacus and psoas muscle were paralyzed.

I could not walk without assistance, muscle weakness of the arms and legs with pain effecting the sciatic nerves but worse on the left, blurred vision, coldness, dry itchy eyes, nonstop runny nose, sensitivity of the eyes to light, sensitivity to heat, trouble with sleeping, unusual tiredness, back leg or stomach pain, bloating, diarrhea, difficult urination, joint and muscle pain, painful breathing with noises, continuous sneezing, unpleasant breath, unusual drowsiness, dullness this can cloud your judgment and thinking patterns, as it did mine, tiredness, weakness, feelings of sluggishness. 

Symptoms also include constipation, headache, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting dry heaves, bitter or metallic taste of food. My marriage is suffering from no sex life under any circumstances. 

I have very low B-12, uncontrolled farting and uncontrolled belching. This appears to be now and forever. I spend eight hours a day besides sleep time on CPAP machine. If I eat any kind of grapefruit it puts me out for three days in extreme pain, which does not allow me to walk. 

But they did not tell me it would take 90 days for the new amount of amiodarone to take hold and I would suffer as if I was on the old amount. And the changes have made it worse. 

I understand that the suffering you and your family are experiencing, but this is no excuse for my behavior. Again, I ask for compassion and forgiveness for my situation for not allowing me to think straight and for making such a divest-stating statement. Thank you for listening to my explanations of my behavior. If you cannot forgive me, I ask that you at least fix the nexus letter with the diagnosis of lymphedema that is dated Oct. 8, 1987, when I served in Korea, so I can submit to the board. 

If you do this, our quest will be rewarded lymphedema at 20% back to the date of retirement. Then we are done if you choose to discharge me from your care. 

Before I move to a new doctor, which I do not want to do, I will do anything to earn your forgiveness. My family and I are praying for you and yours to suffer little and recover quickly for my wife has had COVID-19 also. 

We are deeply sorry to hear you and your family are so deeply sick and suffering so much. If there is anything we can do to help you, we are at your services. 

I have been told that I have to be weaned off of amiodarone until I am taking none, but will suffer for three months or more because the body lets it go very slowly with two kidneys and I have but one kidney at stage 3 moderate.

Also, I need help to painfully walk anywhere with painful shortness of breath. I have one kidney at stage 3 moderate and so it will take a greater amount of time to clear amiodarone from my system if at all. 

The VA has me on a new diet because of devastating reactions to both COVID-19 vaccine shots, which put me in bed crippled from the waist down for six weeks.

It was written up as a Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction in my VA medical file. Please pardon me for not being able to follow up with your office to make sure that you received my requests to appear before the board with the corrected letter 

I’m specifically referring to the 2020 letter, which the board praised you for but will not be accepted without the inclusion of Dr. Lodato’s medical statements about the existence of damage to the left leg lymph system by multiple bouts of cellulitis throughout soldiers’ military service.  

Joseph A DiMeco Jr., Goodyear


Food for thought


President Biden often tells the tale about how he “stood up to” and publicly mouthed off to a local tough, Corn Pop, when Biden was a 19-year-old lifeguard at a community pool in his hometown.  

What Biden doesn’t mention is how he later cowered to Corn Pop, when no one was looking.

Sen. Mark Kelly boasts, in his campaign ad, about “Standing up to his own party on the border issue.” What he doesn’t mention is how his own party told him to “shut up and sit down, because there isn’t any crisis at the southern border, things are going just great there” — for the Democrats.

Mexican drug cartels are raking in $500 million a week off the open border. Some of that is most certainly going into the Democratic National Committee.

A small portion is fed to Democrat politicians from Democrat border town mayors to U.S. representatives and senators, who talk tough on the border crisis, but do nothing.  

Kelly has a re-election campaign money chest of more than $100 million, more than five times the combined campaign cash of all the Republican candidates running against him. It’s hard to imagine how Kelly raised that amount of cash, after only 17 months in office, just from grateful Arizona donors.

Led by Kelly, the Democrats who are running for election or reelection want to tell you what they will do for you, if you just vote them in. What they won’t tell you is what they have done for you — nothing. Democrats try to point fingers of blame at everything and everyone, but themselves. But this is their mess. And they are happy as sewer (c)rats with the way this country is going down the drain.

Last year, 100,000-plus mostly young people, were killed by Fentanyl overdoses in just the United States. That’s more deaths than the total U.S. military killed in wars from Korea through Afghanistan. Every day enough fentanyl, mainly from China, flows across our southern border to kill every person in the USA. Remember the campaign ads showing Kelly displaying a Chinese Flag on his motorcycle?

Every Arizona Democrat running for federal and state offices should invite the Biden administration to a rally at the border. Dr. Anthony Fauci, dressed head-to-toe hazmat gear, could hand every illegal a mask, nose Q-tip, and a filled out vaccination card. 

Next in the welcome line would be Vice President Kamala Harris, handing out SNAP cards, and smartphones almost as good as the ones the migrants had in the hip pockets of their designer jeans when they crossed the border. 

Concerned mom, Pete Buttigieg, could fling open the warehouse doors holding his private stock of baby formula, and give every migrant mom, expecting mom, or thinking about someday being a mom, a couple cases of formula, because there may not be any in the sanctuary city they are flying to.  

Hunter Biden, finally dealing in a business he knows, would be behind the stage, working out a drug deal with the cartels, that would include a 10% stipend for the “Big Guy.”

Joe Biden then stepped to the microphone, at the front of the crowded stage of Democrats. He’d squint down benevolently at the masses huddled at his feet, well, pleased that, at last, someone had actually attended his rally. 

The crowd, heads bowed as if in prayer, the light from their new phones reflecting off their faces, barely look up when Biden scans his cue card and mumbles, “Ser Bienvenido.” 

After that inspiring speech, the crowded stage of Democrats all clap harder than a bunch of North Korean generals, after a missile launch. Biden then stumbles off the stage, and the new about to become U.S. citizens line up to board the buses and airplanes bound for a city near you. The Democrats all rush to their electric limousines to get back on the campaign trail, hoping their leader’s speech will give them the bounce they all will need.

Bill Sansom, Buckeye


The impossible choice


 I just received my voter registration card in the mail.  

I’m not so thrilled to be a registered Democrat as I am to be out of the mega Republican Party.

The Democrats have been hijacked by individuals who have made it their mission to destroy every great city in America. Currently, this is not the Democratic or Republican Party our parents would have voted for.

What is the answer? Term limits could be the answer. Why should politicians like McConnell and President Biden get elected to just sit there and accumulate power until they fall off the chairs dead?

We pay senators salaries and have to live with the consciousness of the actions.

Vickie Chelini, Buckeye


Say ‘yes’ to research


When I caught COVID-19, I thought it would be a rough couple of weeks and life would return to normal. I had no reason to think that now, months and months later, I would still be feeling the long-term effects of this horrible illness. I am still struggling with weakness, fatigue and trouble breathing. 

I am not alone. Across the country, there are so many Americans experiencing the same thing. Some 11.1 million Americans are grappling with this serious issue. Despite long COVID-19’s prevalence, however, there is very little research and understanding of it. 

So, when I heard that Congress was considering price-setting measures that could further hamper research into chronic illnesses, I was pretty upset. People like me desperately need to get back to normal, and we need our pharmaceutical industry to help get us back on track. These policies could keep scientists from being able study causes and uncover cures. 

Over the last few decades our nation’s scientists have found ways to treat all sorts of other diseases and illnesses. So, I am certain that they could help me get the cures I need to feel better, too. But this can only happen if Congress allows researchers to do their jobs, without undue restrictions or regulations. 

Across Arizona, people are suffering from long COVID-19, and we need our leaders’ help. We need them to say no to price setting and say yes to innovation and research.

Briana Osuna, Avondale