Public needs




The COVID-19 pandemic continues to cause distress for parents across Arizona and the globe. How do I protect my children? Do I send them to school? What about the vaccine? Having to worry about more than my own health during such an uncertain time has been absolutely terrifying and very overwhelming.  

It is concerning to hear that some proposed policies in Washington, D.C., could threaten access to medication for patients. 

Creating lower health care costs is important, but the problem lies in how Congress is attempting to do it. By implementing government price-setting policies like Medicare negotiation, Washington politicians could threaten which medications doctors can prescribe and patients can access. In countries like Canada and Germany that have similar laws, patients have access to fewer medications and are subject to longer wait times for treatments. 

I hope that Congress protects everyone’s access to medication and rejects the Medicare changes under consideration. 

Emily Ramos

Bigger than



This new town they are planning out by Buckeye is insane!

Where is the water coming from? We are already facing water shortages.

So, I guess that means they will be thinking about recycling wastewater? Remember that big, planned community that was supposed to be built out that way that never happened? I guess with the new highway going in they want to cash in on the gullible people who don’t think about the little things like water and food.  

Now, Avondale is going green by tearing up all the farm fields and planting warehouses, apartments and single-family homes.

Again, no thought to what all these people will eat! Oh, I forgot we’ll just import the food and take our chances that it will get here before it rots on some ship waiting to get unloaded! 

Wake up, folks, this has got to stop!

Let’s not forget global warming! Did you ever walk on the grass in the summer? I did, and I did it here in the Phoenix area.

Did I walk on the cement in the summer? Heck no, because it was hot! Now so every time you pave over green crops and put down cement it is going to raise the temperature! Get with it, folks. Plant crops, not cement!

Lynda Fiorini