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Foreign memes


Other nations created this war among ourselves by using misinformation, posts and memes designed and distributed to manipulate our populations at the will of other governments.

Consider, for a moment, who constructs these memes or posts of right or left “truths.”  These falsehoods are actively promoting division to destabilize our populace. We all have friends, family and co-workers who don’t speak based solely on political affiliations. I am confident that many who stormed the Capitol or almost burned down Portland and other cities are decent, hard-working Americans who would normally be friends or at least associate with the other side of the spectrum were it not for this misinformation campaign.

In the Cold War, the U.S. used Radio Free Europe to destabilize Eastern Bloc nation governments. Russia, China, Turkey, North Korea, Iran and others are using similar tactics with a more powerful distribution capability than the air waves. These nations are actively shooting at us, not with bullets but with misinformation, and awaiting our fall.   

I doubt the meme of Trump awarding the Medal of Freedom to the helmeted, fur-wearing rioter was constructed by an American. I expect it was arranged by group on a foreign government payroll in an office and distributed on social media to inflame the left and incite the right.   

Realize if our economy destabilizes, the dollar quits being the basis for the world’s currency, our ability to carry firearms or get an abortion or practice free speech won’t matter.  Next time you see an inflammatory meme or post, consider its purpose and source. Instead of watching Facebook or Twitter, go talk to your neighbor and practice civility among yourselves.

Charles “Corky” Roberts


Thanks, but …


I read the story about Rep. Ruben Gallego this morning. I do thank him for his service, and I appreciate his answering the call to serve.

However, when he wants the GOP to save their souls he really shows either much ignorance about what his own party did to steal this election or has no soul himself. 

Has he not seen the piles and pages of evidence showing blatant sidestepping of the oath all elected are supposed to follow? We have personally seen affidavits sworn to by fellow citizens plus videos of out and out trickery. I beg Gallego to watch Curtis Bowers’ documentaries “Agenda 1 and 2” and then see if he sees the pathway the dems have been sucked into and, more sadly, the rhinos in the GOP. I guarantee he will find it very disturbing.

I suspect Ruben is a lifelong Democrat and just doesn’t see or refuses to see just what has/is going on in our very own government. Has he questioned Biden’s huge rise in income? Does he question just who is behind the actual Democratic Party. I was a Democrat at one time, even voted for Obama the first time, realized what he is, so I went indie then GOP.

I would really like to hear his response to my questions. Ruben, I am not questioning your intentions, just your actual knowledge about what really happened to this insidious election.

Clyde Jorgensen



is responsible 


Everybody, for a moment please imagine a ferry boat with thousands of passengers arriving in a port. This arrival is not a regular one, as a bad storm is underway, which makes the docking maneuver very tricky and requires excellent leadership from the crew.

Would you like to be on board this ship, knowing the deputy is leading the crew at this time as the commander of the vessel is taking care of private things such as planning his departure once the ship has landed? At this moment the commander neither cares about his own ship, nor about his passengers on board for whose safety he is responsible and will be held accountable in case of an accident.

Wouldn’t that make you consider this person unable to fulfill the task of acting as commander? People other than the commander have to ensure safety of the boat because his personal character prevents him from fulfilling his task.

After such an incident would you really give this person the chance of acting as commander of a large vessel ever again? I wouldn’t.

Jan Meier




On Jan. 6, we saw a shocking attack on the nation’s Capitol unlike anything we have seen in our lifetime. It attempted to prevent our elected senators and representatives from counting the electoral votes that had been certified by every state. President Trump and other speakers urged the crowd to “fight like hell” to overcome the election with “trial by combat” and go to the Capitol to “kick ass” and “take back our country.” There was tremendous damage, some people died — and it was all based on lies.

What is the reaction from the right-wing media? The usual suspects like Hannity, Limbaugh and Newsmax are continuing to push the false narrative that “the election was stolen, so we should understand the frustration and anger of those patriots.”

The truth is that there was a free and fair election that Biden won by 306-232 electoral votes and over 7 million popular votes. There was never evidence of significant voter fraud or illegal activity. Every allegation was investigated in courts of law with over 60 judges — some of them Trump appointees — debunking and dismissing the unsupported claims. Every state’s election officials confirmed voting was legal and the count was accurate.

But that didn’t stop Trump, Giuliani, Brooks, Hawley and others from trying to stop Congress from doing its job. It didn’t stop them from trying to throw out millions of citizens’ votes. It didn’t stop them  from inciting criminal sedition as their deceived and deranged followers tried to tear down American democracy. This is the opposite of patriotism and, for elected officials, including Biggs, Gosar and Lesko, it’s a clear violation of their sworn oath.

As of this writing (Jan. 11) we know that the rioters were not Antifa members. We know that the capitol police were not prepared and some of them enabled the attackers. We know that Sen. Cruz lied about the percentage of Americans who think the election was rigged. We know that the vice president cannot reject some electors. We know that Trump defends his rhetoric as “totally appropriate.” And we know that our democracy is threatened by right-wing radicals who will use lies and violence to destroy 240 years of our democratic republic’s values and traditions.

It’s time for us to come together to pledge allegiance to the United States of America so once again we will have one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. 

John Flynn