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An American family


Mr. Otis Perkins of Avondale states, “To Trump supporters: I need your help to understand ‘why.’”

Short answer: President Trump is pro-American. We are pro-American. It’s kind of a family thing.

You’re welcome, sir.

Ken Williams






In response to the letter on July 8 by Otis Perkins, I will try to help him understand the pro-Trumpers.

Those “angels” who we call Democrats have a nasty habit of casting the first stone on everybody except themselves. Mr. Perkins gave us a laundry list of President Trump’s faults, but he didn’t take one second to look back at some of the big wigs in the Democrat party that the country witnessed during their time in the spotlight. I won’t go back as far as 1776 but I’ll just give a few samples.

Franklin Roosevelt cheated on his wife with his mistress Lucy Mercer. The Kennedy brothers, John and Attorney General Bobby both cheated on their wives with Marilyn Monroe. Bobby had eight kids at home at the time. Did you forget Ted’s Chappaquiddick incident? I didn’t. How about Bill Clinton’s sexcapades with Monica? Talk about lies!

Then we have Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the most corrupt person on the planet besides the Biden’s, with her famous words about Benghazi after the American Ambassador was murdered on her watch, “what difference does it make!” The Democrats spent 111 days during the past 365 doing nothing but witch hunting and getting full pay for it to boot. Makes Trump’s faults look like child’s play. They turn a blind eye to every single accomplishment that Trump makes with the help of the fake news media.

 If Trump announced the cure for cancer, they would make sure he didn’t receive any credit. If Trump walked on stage at one of his rallies, arm and arm with Jesus Christ to announce the second coming, it would be a mortal sin in the eyes of Democrats and fake news media.

The people are sick of all the shenanigans that the Trump haters have pulled, from the very second Trump took the oath of office, through the Russia delusion, to Ukraine hoax, to the Adam Schiff lies galore, to Pelosi and Schumer shams to the drummed up Mueller report that wasted millions, to the fake impeachment, and they are still not done. The corrupt Biden’s are brushed under the rug while Hunter avoids paying child support with the millions he made from Ukraine and China.

So, I hope I was able to shed at least a little ray of light on what keeps pro-Trumpers going. Trump stopped all flights from China in January when he first found out about COVID-19. God help us if Biden would have been president. He can’t even remember what a pandemic is, let alone take steps to stop it. The Democrats, including Biden, accuse Trump of not handling the pandemic properly and causing countless deaths. He was on TV every day for weeks with Drs. Birx and Fauci giving the country every bit of info possible. Did the Democrats and fake news forgot to turn on their TVs? I missed a lot of my programs but got informed, unlike Democrats. 

James Logan


A failure


The aspects Otis Perkins of Avondale indicated only indicated negative aspects of President Trump. Most Trump supporters would agree that the aspects that you noted were wrong by anybody and most would not condone lies, exaggerations, ridicule or negative words. He is much like most politicians who do similar things like Obama, Biden and Nixon. 

You failed to tell of the various aspects that were positive like giving his salary to worthy causes, leaving campaign rallies early to meet a dead body coming back from overseas, nominating conservative judges, working on other conservative issues, renegotiating bad treaties and putting the USA first.

Now more of the truth is told. I hope this helps.

Scott Stewart