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Election perspective


When I see how effective President Trump’s first agenda has been for America, when I consider what socialism has to offer, I cannot wait for the 2020 election.

In a debate, President Trump will eat up sleepy Joe Biden. Unfortunately, Biden will not get the Democratic nomination because he would be an embarrassment. His support has already started to erode. He stumbles over his words like a buffoon. 

Bernie Sanders will pick up the mantle. However, Sanders is a loser because the progressive wing of the party, which is essentially all the other candidates, will not let him get the nomination. The progressives will savage Sanders like they savaged Brett Kavanaugh, in an attempt to destroy him and, in doing so, deprive him of the nomination. The progressive base wants one of their very own. 

One of their very own? What does that mean? Well, more than likely a black female like Kamala Harris from the banana republic of California would be a good guess. Or possibly Pocahontas from the equally radical commonwealth of Massachusetts. Of course, the litmus test will be someone who supports good old American values like killing babies in the womb, demanding reparations for minorities, confiscating guns, downsizing our military, raising taxes, demanding a politically correct society and banning free speech. Yes, proud progressive American values.

The 2020 election will be decided by the nonpolitical, nonideological independents. Once the debates happen and independents can see how far out in leftfield the Democratic Party has gone, the election won’t even be close. Don’t kid yourselves; the president will call out these progressives to the national audience, just as he calls out fake news. People who have never liked Trump will suddenly thank God for him.

The very far-out progressives will expose themselves and their real agenda during the debates. Their problem is nobody in their right mind would want to live under authoritarianism, which is what they are offering.

A real concern I have is this: After the Republicans gain full control of Congress and the presidency in 2020, will the progressives and their ilk become completely unhinged and take to the streets in an attempt at full-blown destruction and anarchy? Hopefully not. Pray they will remain in their safe spaces!

Roy Azzarello


Sounding off 

about shoes


The most articulate and thoughtful comments I have seen thus far regarding the “Nike Betsy Ross” controversy were posited in Zack Griendling’s letter in the July 10 issue of the West Valley View. He nailed the gist and substance of both Nike’s actions and Ducey’s disgraceful (at least in my opinion) reaction. 

When I first saw Ducey’s tweet, I was appalled at his temerity in emulating “tweetmaster” Trump with a somewhat ignorant blast regarding Nike’s decision to pull the sneaker. Nowhere in Nike’s decision did I see them declaring Betsy Ross “unworthy.” Likewise, I saw no evidence of “historical revisionism” in their decision. 

I do regard both Ducey’s comments and his order to repeal any financial incentive dollars provided to Nike as decidedly unworthy of any governmental official’s reaction to a company’s business decision (plus, being ignorant of the fact that, apparently, Nike has not applied for the incentive grant). I found Eric Sloan’s comments patently ignorant — and apparently pandering for right wing support of his candidacy for the Arizona Corporate Commission. His comment dismissing Colin Kaepernick as “irrelevant” seems more to mirror his position. And his boast of being an honorary commander at Luke really hits the irrelevant mark (albeit another plead for votes). 

At least I earned my rank through 25 years of service with four combat tours, one in Korea and three in Vietnam. Finally, the so-called Betsy Ross flag has been coopted by ultra-right wing and racist groups as a symbol. And Nike’s decision to pull the shoes was based on that fact — deciding not to provide a product that those groups could seize on to further their unAmerican, bigoted dogma.

Ted Raymond


Nike controversy


Regarding the Nike controversy, I am a Goodyear resident and I totally support Gov. Ducey.

We do not want a company that does not support American history.

I also believe their decision to use a controversial spokesman such as Kaepernick was a ridiculous marketing technique that insulted a fair number of Americans.

California wants Nike; let them go there.

K. Kittell


Responding to 

‘zany rant’


I read David Compton’s zany rant and I had to respond. 

First about the cages. David, even the propaganda news media reported the cages were from the Obama era and the pictures were taken to protest the cages in the Obama era. You want lies? There is no crisis at the border. It’s a made-up crisis by President Trump. Now that the propaganda machine of the Democratic Party is admitting to the crisis President Trump told us about months ago, the Democratic leadership refused to vote for the funding. The Senate voted and passed a $4.2 billion relief package, objected by Nancy Pelosi. 

The Democratic leaders sent the package to the Ninth District Court to have the funding stopped. David, if you have a problem about lying, you first better take a look at your Democratic leaders. I want you to think about this. The people who are coming across the border for the most part have little to no education, can’t speak the language and have no concept of what it is like to be an American. What work are they going to do? How are they going to live? 

Well, that’s simple: We give them food stamps, HUD housing and welfare. Because their children can’t speak English, we need to spend more in schools. Plus, free health care. Here is something for you to think about. Who is going to pay for that? You are, and every working American, should the Democrats take full control. 

There will be 45% to 75% tax rates to pay for free health care for illegals in this country. What about our own? We have poor people living in the streets with nothing, yet the Democrats want to give to the illegals. 

Hey, don’t forget how the Democrats are always talking about the “rule of law.” They want illegals to enter. Just forget those who don’t appear in court. After all, who cares about the rule of law? Before you spout the propaganda of the haters, do your research. 

Bruce Konecni


Can’t play nice


Democrats must learn there is no room to play nice with the Republicans. We’re not going to receive a star from the teacher for playing nice or playing by the rules. 

Republicans will just laugh themselves silly at us. There’s no “fun” in being the smart one in the room. Trying to explain facts to Republicans is a waste of time. You cannot have an open discussion this way. Personally, I’ve given up. They just don’t care. Climate change? Don’t care. Big tax breaks adding to the national debt? Don’t care. Coddling to this nation’s enemies? Don’t care. 

Trump’s now thousands of lies told to American people? Don’t care. We’re wasting our time. We’re going to have to fight fire with fire, as they say, to right this ship that has run aground. 

David Rice


Right on, Ducey


I am a 67-year-old Texan and had to say to anyone (everyone) who will or will not listen that I am very proud and inspired by the actions (not just words) of Gov. Doug Ducey in pushing back on Nike displaying its anti-American stance by pulling its shoes with the American flag. 

This is not just a minor issue, but if left unchecked or unaddressed erodes the very heart and fabric of our great American culture and pride. I felt compelled to thank Gov. Ducey so much for the entire country and the entire world for making a statement that is unmistakable and clear. This is not simply hyperbole, but a well-considered and thoughtful expression of an independent person (family) that does not lend himself to idle statements. I am a proud Texan, American and now a staunch Arizona supporter.

Thank you, Arizona.

Tony and Kim Sepolio

Montgomery, Texas

No proof


This is in response to Mr. Compton, who again tells lies with no proof furnished. Mr. Compton, I fear, is just a President Trump hater, with a severe case of Trump derangement syndrome. This is not the first letter he has written with no evidence or proof of the so-called 10-to-12-lies-a-day theory. 

The DHS, FBI and border patrol have all confirmed the cages were put in place by the Obama regime. This was also confirmed by several Democrats in the press, and on CNN and MSNBC. The constitutional republic of the USA was and is the greatest country ever. If you notice, letters written by people with Trump derangement syndrome never talk about the economy, job market, tax cuts or the approval rating for the president within the blacks and Hispanics — at least the legal Hispanics. It is a real shame the hate for this president drives so much violence and hate in this country. At the very least, President Trump haters could try to speak the truth. God bless the USA.

Elwood (Butch) Kuentzler


Wondering about candidates


Article IV, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution declares: “The United States shall guarantee to every state in this union a Republican form of government...” 

At the risk of appearing snide, I wonder if the 2020 presidential candidates caucusing with the Democratic Party are aware of this. 

After all, at least one of them, Bernie Sanders, is a self-described socialist who therefore made a mockery of the senatorial oath of office.  

Hillary Clinton and her protégés have repeatedly promised for years to abolish the Electoral College if elected president, and to do so is a flagrant violation of the article noted above. Doing so would fundamentally change America forever and make her completely unrecognizable.  

Sadly, I am resigned to the fact that too many Americans have been falsely educated in our own universities against the patriotic bravado of our founding fathers and what their sacrifices bequeathed to us, and as a result that sacred document bears little importance to them.  

The bitter irony of democratic societies is they contain the freedom to destroy their freedoms, and our nation has been chipping away at our own freedoms at least since Woodrow Wilson’s administration 100 years ago. If you, dear reader, recall nothing more of this article than this, I would implore you to reread the U.S. Constitution; it makes America great for all of us and a leading nation of the world. Even the legal and illegal immigrants flocking to the United States know this to be true.

Jason Russell


Our flag 

was still there


Letter writer and veteran Harvey L. New reminds us to “be proud of the American flag and what it stands for.” We are proud, sir. Thanks to loyal Americans like you, Harvey, “our flag is still there.”

Ken Williams


Since when is putting out garbage an event?


My wife and I have been Litchfield Park residents for 25 years. When we moved here, we had “garbagemen” and the in-ground trash cans. It’s not demeaning to call garbagemen “garbagemen.” They provide a valuable service. It’s good, honest work, nothing to be ashamed of, and I commend those (for the most part) who do it.

That all being said, sometime ago the city managers and City Council made, in my and other residents’ opinions, the disastrous decision to change to Waste Management. I’m sure it had nothing to do with providing us the best service; they were the lowest bidder, period.  

This prima donna company’s attitude disgusts me.

This company will not lift a finger to do anything out of the norm in picking up the garbage. Countless times I’ve had my garbage picked up while my neighbors’ are left or vice versa. Why? Because maybe someone parked a car in front of my garbage cans, or it’s a few feet farther back than it is supposed to be and these clowns can’t walk five more steps to get my garbage but will grab my neighbors’.  

Adding more stupidity to their arrogance is, if I call and complain they will send out a second truck to get what the first truck should’ve gotten. Isn’t it more cost effective to walk five-to-six more steps while you are there and grab it? Oh, and God forbid you put out too much garbage that can’t be condoned to pick it up.

But the absolute epitome of a company out of touch with customer service is when you have a tree branch break due to an act of God. I’m expected to cut it down into manageable pieces and tie and bundle it up (I’m sure you’d prefer I put a bow on it as well) so the garbagemen don’t have to strain themselves to get it. Maybe I should get you a cup of coffee and a Danish so you can rest while I load up the garbage for you. It’s not like I’m paying for this service or anything.

You’re “Waste Management” in name only. You are a garbage company, employing garbagemen, driving garbage trucks. You have one job —pick up the freaking garbage.

Michael Arnaud

Litchfield Park