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2020 votes


As a citizen of Arizona, I am shocked and embarrassed by the recent recount of the 2020 voting ballots. Arizona is being ridiculed daily on national news for this unnecessary measure and the sloppy manner in which it is being implemented.  

First, the votes have been thoroughly counted and recounted, under official regulations with bipartisan observers and highly trained vote counters. Secondly, the count is being implemented by a questionable firm using only their selected “counters,” rather than those that are normally used in our regular elections. There is no bipartisan oversight to ensure an accurate count. No matter what this measure turns up, it will be highly suspect and most likely illegal. 

Is this really the way we want to run our election counts? What is being done to maintain the confidentiality of our votes? Who is watching the ballots to ensure their security? What credentials and training are being required for counters and other people involved? What state officials are overseeing this fiasco? 

Really, Arizona! This very questionable and shoddy process is an embarrassment, a waste of taxpayer dollars and our elected officials’ time. We are still fighting the worst pandemic in a century, among other serious problems that are demanding our attention. The election is over and has been duly certified. Does anyone up there in our statehouse have any common sense? 

Pamela Gist


Response to Hayworth


I should have realized the far-right tilt of columnist J.D. Hayworth, as I read that he seemed much more bothered by President Biden’s copying of another politician’s speech 33 years ago than he is by our last president’s admission that he routinely commits sexual assault on unsuspecting women because “when you’re a star, they let you do it” and “You can do anything. … Grab ’em by the (expletive).”

Another mystery for Mr. Hayworth is why we have troops and fences around the Capitol and the White House and “not our southern border.” Let me address the first part of his question by reminding Mr. Hayworth that our last president incited a violent riot and insurrection on Jan. 6 in which a troubling number of current and former law enforcement, military and government personnel were arrested, according to ABC News. 

Then allow me to address the second part of his question by saying “Huh?” I grew up in San Diego and can attest that there are nothing but fences and “troops” (used to be Border Patrol, now it’s alphabet soup ICE, DHS, yadda yadda).

It appears Mr. Hayworth is trying to perpetuate the worn-out trope on the right that Democrats favor “open borders,” which I have never heard any Democrat who I know even remotely support. 

We are for secure borders, while, at the same time, we favor allowing those who are fleeing persecution to get a fair hearing for asylum here. And the idea that our military men and women must be only Democrats is typical of the ridiculousness that is so prevalent on the right. 

They take a small kernel of truth, that we are seeking to weed out extremists in the military and law enforcement, PBS reported, and inflate it to something similar to Mr. Hayworth’s nonsense. 

Finally, Mr. Hayworth is very troubled by the cost to bail our country out of the mess that the former president left us in. Question for you Mr. Hayworth: Why aren’t you troubled by the mess that 45 left us in that made it necessary to spend $6 billion in an effort to recover? Why do you blame the person trying to make things better? And why are you so negative about policies (the American Rescue Plan, the American Jobs Plan and the American Families Plan) that between 60% and 70% of the American people support? 

Wait a minute, I think I see why you don’t like these plans — you don’t like America. That is the common denominator in all of those plans!

Greg Cravens


Shocked and appalled


I generally find your publication informative and entertaining. Thus, I was appalled to discover that the inane mutterings of J.D. Hayworth are now a regular column. If you are paying him for his drivel, you are demonstrating a supreme lack of good business sense. 

Normally, I get great amusement from many of your letters to the editor, as they show me alternative realities and different dimensions in which their writers dwell. They are delightful. Please don’t let the (garbage) uttered by Hayworth to despoil the pages of this newspaper. 

Barry Winters

Litchfield Park