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Hogwash Dept.


John Flynn—don’t blame the editor for your hogwash!

Wow, John Flynn does remarkable fact checking. I hope he can share with us where he found out that Nancy Pelosi isn’t a witch. Must have been They are wrong 99% of the time. 

Other fact checking sites list her as the wicked witch of the east, west, north and south. Her own mother beat her with a broom. Mr. Flynn stated that Biden is not corrupt, per his fact-checking. How can I politely say “hahaha”? 

Biden and his corrupt son Hunter are off the charts in the corruption department. They not only invented the word but gave corruption a whole new meaning. C’mon, man! Time to use a reputable fact checking service, sir. 

While you are at it, please let us know what planet you came from. My guess is you only watch CNN for your fake news. When five writers don’t agree with your hogwash, don’t put the blame on the editor. Just look in the mirror sir. 

James Logan


The real winners


Congratulations, America!  

Civility, respect and love wins out! 

Now we can regain the respect of our allies and world leaders.

Mike Getz


Dragon slayer


President Trump never ceases to amaze me. He fought the leftist hordes to a standstill in 2020, just as he did in 2016. Twice he’s “stopped 'em at the gates,” so to speak. Wow. It’s small wonder that the dark side hates him so rabidly.

And he’s done this virtually single-handedly, while many of his faint-hearted political “allies” silently deserted the battlefield. Incredible. As long as we can see our golden-haired dragon slayer still standing in the breach, we know that America remains undefeated.

Ken Williams