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Calling out passive aggressive nonsense


So, if I understand the opinion of Mr. Ken Williams correctly in the letter to the editor entitled “Our United States,” anyone with views that are on the left should be considered un-American, while everyone on the right is pro-American. I assume this means the left is no longer considered American.

They’re not exactly words I would use for a call to unity. Also, this person mentions some type of war and a truce being needed. I don’t recall a war being fought with people on the right, but it sounds like some feel they are at war with the left. This guy should have conversations with many who serve in our military with honor and have views on the left. Are they considered un-American? 

If this person becomes ill, I hope he won’t have to worry that un-American doctor will decide not to honor his truce. What if that un-American doctor decides a left-leaning patient needs a ventilator more than he does? Sounds silly doesn’t it? Until people like this gentleman can treat everyone’s views with respect, the divide in this country will continue. 

I am amazed at the distorted fringe views that are expressed in this newspaper on a weekly basis. In my opinion, each week this paper publishes this type of nonsense, they are complicit in promoting a divide. 

Robert Lukacs




Doctors are now the first responders and are serving on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic. We cannot let them fail for lack of legislation regarding a huge problem that existed before the pandemic.

This is the surprise medical bills Congress failed to address for more than a year that leave doctors and hospitals unpaid for emergency services denied by insurance companies for out-of-network reasons. In an emergency, you have no choice. The hospital you use and the doctors who care for you may not be your choice, but an emergency speaks for itself. Choice is not an option.

Many ideas have been floated, and the worst one of all is government rate setting, but Sen. Bill Cassidy of Louisiana has a bill that creates an Independent Dispute Resolution that brings doctors and hospitals together with insurance companies so they can negotiate appropriate reimbursement for the denied medical bills. Leaving patients out of negotiations is imperative. They are blameless.

If we don’t provide relief now, we might find ourselves without the doctors and hospitals we all depend on in our lives. We won’t have a working health care system in place when this crisis passes.

Everyone should contact and tell them to support Sen. Cassidy’s bill to ensure the future of our doctors, hospitals and health care workers. They’ve failed to act for a long time, but they can easily pass this in the next round of emergency funding. Support our doctors and hospitals now to ensure they will be here when this crisis is over.

Elise Jordan


Freedom-loving Americans


Americans are freedom-loving people. We are generally law-abiding citizens, too. We’re normally patient folks as well—up to a point.

This extraordinary COVID-19 pandemic has necessitated unusual “restrictions” on our personal behaviors (by American norms). It’s a national public safety and health issue. We get that. And we’re all cooperating.

But what about America’s future? What’s a reasonable deadline for full restoration of our civil rights and liberties? How about we set it for on, or before, July 4—Independence Day? The operative word being “independence.”

Ken Williams


Tough job


I can’t understand why anybody would want the job of being president of the United States. The amount of criticism President Trump puts up with would make anybody throw up their hands and resign. What he managed to accomplish in over three years during over three years of witch hunts and choreographed impeachment shams by the Democratic Party led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff, and Jerry Nadler and Chuck Schumer is so despicable that I’m surprised they are still in office, instead of hiding in shame.

If President Trump would declare a cure for the coronavirus on national TV today, it would not be good enough for the Democrats. They would chastise him and try to take credit, just like they tried to take credit for the USMCA trade agreement and phase 1 of the new China trade agreement. They had no hand in either agreement.

President Trump holds daily press conferences on TV about the coronavirus updates and has done everything a leader should do to stop the spread of the virus, but fake news and the Democrats don’t give him a fraction of a second of credit for protecting the American people. And then we have these four women on the TV program “The View” who are not politicians, but they spend their time attacking every single move President Trump makes in protecting the American people. Like they could do a better job. 

James Logan


Elections and



My name is Patricia Always and I’m a retired elementary school teacher from the Avondale School District. It is immensely important that this virus does not impede voters from their civic duty and right. The process is started and more options must be added for voters not to be disenfranchised. Congress must act to secure this right and responsibility.

Patricia Always

Sun City

Health care workers


That was a great front-page news article by Tom Scanlon, “Nurses fly into COVID-19 storm,” in (the April 15) West Valley View. 

As we ask more and more of our front-line health care workers, we should not only be grateful, we should demand that Congress gets to work to provide additional funding in the next COVID aid package.

Many may not realize that all elective surgery and scheduled appointments for doctors have been canceled, which means their revenue stream has diminished. It is essential that we keep all of them funded so the hospitals, doctors and medical staffs will be there for the rest of us when this virus winds down.

We need to remember that the kitchen and laundry workers are just as vital as the nurses, and these people must be paid.

The public will stand strong with them as they risk their own lives, so we must demand that Congress does the right thing so as not to risk the collapse of our health care system. Call your congressman/woman and remind them of this important issue.

Stephen Parker


Appalled about letter


I am writing in response to the opinion published April 15 from Sara Howell about my community, my home. I have lived in PebbleCreek for nine years and have found it to be our happy land. PC is full of the most welcoming, loving, talented, busy, caring people who have become our friends, our family. 

These are good and decent people who care about each other, who support you, who help you, be there for you and welcome you. They are our people, our community, our friends.

Interesting that you’ve only been a renter for two weeks and yet you have not even given the community a chance. Everyone is a little edgy and a little more stressed because of the world’s worst pandemic. You are a science educator. You should know and sympathize with the gravity of this world crisis affecting every person on the planet.

I’m sorry that someone scolded you for driving too fast, or walking somewhere that is restricted. There may be lots of rules, but generally they are for our safety. So, you ran into a few people who may have something troubling them, or someone they’re worried about, or have a problem or heartache bigger than you can ever imagine.

I feel blessed to live in PebbleCreek, a community full of people who have worked their whole life dedicated to their given profession, given so much to so many, raised their families, supported a family member in need, or a friend in need over and over and over, and now want to enjoy their retirement days. We worked hard and now we play hard, and this is our slice of happiness. 

People may not exactly remember what you did or what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel, Maya Angelou said.

I did not feel good after reading your opinion. I wanted to tell you that there is so much more to PebbleCreek, and if you would look around, you would see it and not let two tiny insignificant encounters cloud your opinion and fill you with such distain. There are a million positive things about PebbleCreek. Maybe you should take a little time before you write to publish such negativity. There is plenty of that in the world. You are not a victim, no one preyed on you and you have a great deal to learn about life in our happy retirement land. My wish for you is that you will understand how welcoming this community is to all, no matter their age or any other potentially discriminating factor. Once this pandemic is over, I believe you will see a different side of our life here. Welcome and open up your heart and your mind to a community full of amazing people.  

Ellen Enright


The journey is

the destination


Sara Howell: How unfortunate that you lump everyone into the category “people who should stay isolated.” You should realize, as a science instructor, that not all students are “A” students. So, take the time to reach out to others and find the ones who have retired here, not the small number of curmudgeons who live here. I am a retired high school science and math teacher. I would like to meet you some day and see how education has evolved since I was there.

Les Armstrong


PC not unfriendly!


I just read Sara Howell’s letter to the editor in the West Valley View newspaper and I was interested to hear that I live in such a terrible community of PebbleCreek. 

From what I get from your letter is that the PebbleCreek community is unfriendly and are too much of rule followers. I’ve lived here about four years and your opinion about unfriendly is wrong. Certainly I’ve meet a few people who are unfriendly, but those people are few and far between. We are rule followers and if you prefer not to follow the rules then find a neighborhood where rules aren’t followed. I bet you won’t live there long. Your indication of age discrimination is bunk. Generally, those who live here welcome younger people (near neighbors to us are younger and very welcomed) and your unwelcome experience is probably due in part to your one-sided opinions, and that is your fault, not the majority of wonderful PebbleCreek people.

Scott Stewart


Explaining the virus


I am a retired microbiologist and want to explain a basic fact about a virus and keep it simple. A virus is an incomplete life form. It cannot live on its own because it has only half of the necessary genetic material. Therefore, it has to live inside host cells: in this case our bodies. If a virus can no longer find a new host to move to, it will simply die off. 

If we stop the continuous spreading to a new host (person), the coronavirus will simply die off on its own. However, it has now gotten out of control. If we all do what we can to stop the spread, this will be over. The better we each do, the faster we will be able to put the coronavirus in the past. Follow the CDC guidelines to the best of your ability.

Karen Chapman, ASCP MT, CLS

Litchfield Park