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Salem trials revisited


Venue change:  Province of Massachusetts Bay Feb. 1692 - May 1693 to Washington D.C. Jan. 2017 - Dec. 2019.  

It has just been learned the trials now known as the Salem Witch Trials were only put on hold and moved to Washington D.C. where the infamous, vicious family feud between the Putnam and Porter families ended in the execution of 20 people, mostly young women for being witches.

Historical research indicates it is now families of Democrats vs. Republicans. Obviously, history is repeating itself.

John  Hammond


Luke jets


While it seems as if our federal government is doing nothing but impeachment, there is some legislating happening out of sight and those of us in the West Valley should be pleased.  Lawmakers rolled out a final version of the National Defense Authorization Act. While it does not appear there will be any voting done before the holiday recess, it is hugely important because it funds our defense.   

There is funding for 12 additional F-35 Fighter Jets in this package and a 3.1 percent troop pay raise. That’s great news for those at Luke. Republican State Sen. Martha McSally and Rep. Ruben Gallego, D- Ariz., both had a hand in this and deserve credit for protecting the West Valley and our military. 

Michael Morgan


High crime


I quote letter writer Igor Shpudejko’s arguable claim: “Actually, the Democrats have yet to identify one crime the President has committed.” Your blatant conservative bias is on public display, sir. 

President Trump is undeniably guilty of the “high crime” of winning the 2016 presidential election.

Case closed.

Ken Williams




Dec. 18, Trump is getting impeached by Congress and it is a sad day. It is sad that this process, which has been conducted with integrity, had to happen at all. However, what is really pathetic is that this huckster/con-artist with the temperament of a petulant 8-year old and integrity of a slimy grifter got elected in the first place despite getting 3 million voles less than his opponent. 

It is sad that this amoral abomination of a colossally narcissistic leader is supported by supposed devout Christians who give him a pass on the hubris he has committed. It is sad that so many are immersed in cognitive dissonance that they defend him for every wonton affront to decency he commits even if it happens right in front of them and they are so abominably destitute of vision.

The Senate will unfortunately probably acquit him. The House has passed over 300 bills this year that are sitting on McConnell’s desk and the Senate has voted exactly 22 times so far this year on futile/meaningless legislation. 

By the way, we are paying these Republican Senators who have done absolutely nothing, $174,000.00 this year.

When you vote on Nov. 3, 2020, please remember the ones who enabled this rogue and lawless administration that abused their power, intimidated witnesses, attacked devoted public servants who were simply telling the truth and protecting the Constitution, extorted a foreign nation to discredit a probable political opponent holding back public funds, and suppressed lawfully subpoenaed documents. If you are okay with this, you have also sold your soul.

David Compton

Litchfield Park