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Nov. 3 is nearing


Full disclosure: I’m pro-American. Consequently, I will vote a straight GOP ticket on Election Day. Why? Because of grave personal concerns ranging from aborticide to the abuse of our loyal peace officers by revolting mobocrats.

Many Americans fear another civil war is imminent. Newsflash: It’s on. The left’s hate offensive publicly launched months ago. Urban guerrillas invade city streets while peace-loving folks fort up. Police unwillingly stand down. So, anarchy spreads widely like a deadly virus.

Nov. 3 is nearly here, voters. It is high time for all passive patriots to “wake up and smell the coffee.”

I’m woke.

Ken Williams


In response to

a letter writer


John, John, John ... why did you ever leave Portland?  Was it to avoid having your house burned down?

With your obvious preference for a liberal/Democrat-run large city, you had so many choices: LA, San Francisco, NYC, Chicago, Baltimore, St. Louis to name a few. Perhaps it was because you wanted to add to the “blueing” of Arizona and help us all see the wisdom of liberal/Democrat leadership—and share in the joy of life in an environment of crime, looting, mayhem and murder.

Oh, and don’t forget the opportunity to tax us all into a state of poverty so we can all experience life in a socialist country.

John, your continued endorsement of Joe Biden and hence Kamala Harris tells me you look forward to such a life! 

Tom MacKenzie


Caught wet-headed


Uh-oh!  Caught “wet-headed”! Madame Speaker, you know “they” are out to get you at every turn. There are other ways to avoid these rules ... uh, I mean petty inconveniences.

Simply have your stylist come to your home. Of course extra precautions need to be taken when an outsider is to be admitted to the inner sanctum.

Notify: exterior perimeter guards, inner perimeter guards, landscapers, exterior maintenance staff, household servants, kitchen staff, personal aides, secretaries and assistants.

Personal Protection Detail: This classification is the epitome of “essential workers.” They must  remain extremely vigilant that no one in previous categories even attempts to produce a cell phone. And, of course, nondisclosure agreements are, I assume, SOP.

I hope these suggestions have been helpful—feel free to pass them along to Mayor Lightfoot.

Lynne Cole