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Voting No


The school funding mechanisms in Arizona are broken. If you look at your property tax statement you will see several line items for bonds and budget overrides that continue to increase. 

The only way that education funding in Arizona will be fixed by the legislature is if the school districts pressure them and they work together for a solution. But why should they…taxpayers keep voting in bonds and overrides. 

The madness needs to stop. Please vote No on all bond elections and budget overrides on the ballot.

Louis Drinovsky


Voting Yes


A special election has been called by and will be held in, Buckeye Elementary

School District No. 33 of Maricopa County, Arizona (the “District”), on Nov. The election will be a mailed-ballot only election.  

The bond program would be $54 million to fund safety and security upgrades, technology, school renovations, buses, and construction of two elementary schools. The bond tax impact based on an average assessed home value of $100,000 would be $5.40 per month. ​ This bond program needs to be approved in order for the district to receive an additional $15 million from the state to build the second school.

The Buckeye Valley Chamber of Commerce is an ardent proponent of strong educational systems. Education is, in every sense, one of the fundamental factors of development. No country or community can achieve sustainable long-term economic development without substantial investment in human capital. Education enriches people’s understanding of themselves, the world, and provides an opportunity for advancement. It leads to broad social benefits to individuals and society while raising people’s productivity and creativity. Education also promotes entrepreneurship and technological advances.

 Education plays a very important role in securing social and economic well-being for all.  It is because of the link between education, economic growth and healthy communities that the chamber is a strong advocate of healthy, effective, and well-funded educational systems. 

As the fastest growing city in the United States, Buckeye welcomes new students daily, and the current schools will soon be over capacity.  A Yes vote on the Buckeye Elementary School District bond will provide two new schools to prevent this overcrowding and the degradation of student achievement.  A Yes vote will help protect our quality of life, train our future workforce and attract high-paying jobs.  

For the Buckeye Valley Chamber, this is an easy choice. An investment in Buckeye Elementary School District is an investment in our economic future.

Deanna Kupcik

President & CEO

Buckeye Valley Chamber of Commerce

It’s the economy


In 1992, James Carville, campaign strategist for Bill Clinton, coined the phrase “it’s the economy stupid.” Oddly enough in the last Democratic debate, the economy wasn’t mentioned, probably because it is doing so well under President Trump. 

The current unemployment rate of 3.5% is the lowest in 50 years. Unemployment for African Americans and Hispanics are also at all-time lows. Wages are up 3-5%. Middle-class families have more disposable income and US companies are staying at home all due to the Trump sponsored Tax Reform legislation passed on Dec. 20, 2017.

So what has been the Democratic response to this booming economy: a myriad of  economy-killing proposals that reflect sheer stupidity. First on their agenda would be to repeal the Tax Reform legislation that has been the catalyst for expanding and growing the economy. Instead of acknowledging an improved economy, they play the socialist envy card that only the rich benefited, the same group that pays most of the taxes. Indeed raising taxes is necessary because according to Bernie Sanders reducing taxes is akin to “looting the Treasury by letting people keep more of their money”- spoken like a true, power-hungry socialist.

Not content to just increase taxes, Democratic leadership would radically transform our country by imposing a multi-trillion scam called the New Green Deal that would eliminate our cheapest, cleanest, and most abundant natural resource: natural gas. Air travel would have to go also because jet fuel is carbon-based and of course contributes to “climate change.” Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez actually admitted that eliminating air travel would have to be the price to pay to avoid catastrophic climate events.

Apparently, according to these “climate” experts, all gas, coal and nuclear sources of energy would have to be replaced by renewable energy sources that currently make up only 17% of all our energy needs. Unless immediate action is taken, sea levels will dramatically rise, except someone forgot to tell President Obama who recently bought 29 acres of beachfront property on Martha’s Vineyard.

The award, however, for the “most special kind of stupid” goes to progressive darling Ocasio-Cortez who together with other brain dead socialists managed to quash the previous anticipated Amazon headquarters move to Queens, NY which would have created 25,000 jobs. This socialist, economic illiterate apparently wasn’t able to make the simple connection that creating thousands of needed jobs in a minority community would produce accompanying job tax revenues that could ultimately be used to pay for community infrastructure projects. Any income tax credits that Amazon would have received would have been overshadowed by the enormous benefits to the community.

According to most reasonable economists, if a progressive democrat becomes President, the impact on the economy will be very negative. Because of anticipated tax increases, capital will flee overseas, companies will again start moving out of the country, jobs will be lost, unemployment will go up, wages will stagnate, middle-class American families will have less disposable income, and the stock market will crash. 

Anyone with a 401k, pension fund or investments in the market will suffer. This fear of economic turmoil has some Wall Street executives already concerned about progressive Elizabeth Warren who has promised: a wealth tax to fund the insane New Green Deal (which she co-sponsors), regulations on controlling how much profit companies should make, restrictions on how much executives should make and the elimination of private health care insurance.

Turning over an economy that is the envy of the world to incompetent, ignorant, angry social progressives who have a track record of producing economic misery is the definition of stupid.

Igor Shpudejko


Seeing the light


I read last week’s letters, each sounding more like Trump than the one before, and realize that nothing that I say will sway those writers. For others in your audience, I would like to point out that increasingly, Republicans are beginning to see the light. Not only is this President’s behavior not normal, It is destructive.     

 As of July 2018, many prominent Republicans had left the party. Just to name a few, these include: Steve Schmidt who ran John McCain’s presidential campaign; George Will,  a renowned conservative republican columnist; Gordon Humphrey, a former Republican senator; 

Joe Scarborough, a former Republican congressman; Peter Wehner, a veteran of the Reagan and Bush administrations and conservative author; and Michael Steele, former chairman of the Republican National Committee.

Other Republicans like Tom Nichols and Bill Kristol and Mitt Romney have stayed in the party but have renounced Trump and all he stands for. Jeff Flake has stated that it will be better for the country and the Republican party if a democrat wins in 2020.

Cindy McCain has spoken out against this President acknowledging how sad and upset the late Senator would be at what has become of his party.

Thirty-eight Republican members of the House of Representatives and Senate chose to resign or retire prior to the 2018 elections. Only 12 did so to seek other offices and of those 9 lost their elections. An additional 17 members plan to resign or retire this year.

Trump’s cabinet consists of 35 Republican people. In the two-and-a-half years that he has been in office, those positions have been occupied by 138 individuals. That means that on average cabinet members have served about seven months each before resigning or being fired.  Some have gone on to write books about the dysfunction in the administration. These were all Republicans who were invested in Republican principles and values.

During the first two-and-a-half years of this administration, Republican-appointed prosecutors have brought indictments and/or gotten guilty pleas or convictions against 34 persons and three corporations associated with Trump or with the Russian election tampering with the 2016 elections in Trump’s favor. Say what you will but close associates of Trump’s have admitted guilt and are sitting in prison for doing the illegal things that Trump hired them to do. 

I could go on but the newspaper is not big enough to list and discuss this President's failings. There are the farmers whose crops are rotting in the fields because their markets have been destroyed and labor denied, The suffering of asylum seekers, the outrageous abandonment of our allies, the increase in hate crimes and decrease in civility, the theft of funds from education generally and particularly from military families, the raging fires and category 5 storms that are only getting worse as we ignore their cause.  

Those are other letters. For now, pay attention to what is being said by Republicans who you have entrusted to represent you in the past.  They see that world survival and our democracy is in serious jeopardy and the rest of us need to see it as well and quickly. 

Eileen Fein


A rare read


I must say I have rarely looked at your paper. Most of the time it goes from my driveway to the trash can. Your issue dated Oct. 16 is a rare occasion I did view it. I found your letters to the editor heavily weighted with right-wing extremists. 

The individual who wrote in commenting on Democrat representatives being scum and water moccasins that should be impeached needs to take a civics course. We are not able to impeach elected officials in congress. He is right that Trump didn’t drain the swamp, he is the swamp and surrounds himself with criminals and traitors. 

For the other gentleman who wrote asking why Democrats don’t love their country more than they hate Trump, I can say this. I see Trump as a traitor. Every time he encourages foreign governments to interfere in our elections it’s treason. Every dirty deal he makes with foreign leaders that enables more power to Russia in order to benefit him over the country is treason. When he had Russians alone in the Oval Office and shot his mouth off giving up classified intelligence that Israel had gathered he committed treason.  

Syria is his latest self-serving blunder that is benefiting, yup you guessed it Russia. Every time he and his kids profit off his presidency is a crime. Trump has wrecked this country’s reputation around the globe. He is an incompetent entitled bumbling excuse for a human being that cares nothing about the citizens of this country.

It’s all about him and you right-wing voters better wise up. I hate traitors because I love our country. I also see Trump supporters complicit in his treason. For other Democrats, well you will have to ask them. Oh and stop with the kooky idea that Democrats are bringing you socialism or maybe you don’t know what socialism is either. And stop sucking up to Trump and Russians. If you hate commies why are you sucking up to Russia and Trump?

Robert Lukacs


Histrionic vitriol


In his letter to the editor published on Oct. 16, Mr. Logan has once again outdone himself. His histrionic vitriol seems to know no bounds. He also seems, once again, to rely on hyperbole while being largely bereft of facts. But as Trump might say, I’m sure he’s a nice guy.

In Article I Section 2, Clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution, it states: “The House of Representatives shall choose their speaker and other officers; and shall have the sole power of impeachment.” However, impeachment of members of Congress is not a Constitutional option. (This point was established by a vote of the Senate holding a plea to this effect good in the impeachment trial of Senator William Blount in 1797. See

As such, the elected members of Congress called out in his letter are not subject to Impeachment under the Constitution. I know it’s much easier to sit at a keyboard and parrot conservative radio talking points than to actually do research, but one should at least try. It’s how we become an informed society.

As for not voting for alligators, water moccasins and scum? That’s why I didn’t vote for Trump, along with the fact that he constantly lies.

 Jude M. Clark


Ghost stories


Halloween is upon us--I’m sure many of your readers have favorite family ghost stories which they have shared with their friends and family. My family has had experiences with the paranormal first-hand and are based on true recollections:

Back in 1977, my  folks moved to a home in San Jose, California ( near Santa Clara). The address was No. Cecil Street. Our landlord, Al Alcanter said his son, daughter-in-law and their baby boy lived there only 2 months. Their baby would wake up crying and screaming. He was not comfortable in that home. 

We moved in a few months later. It was about less than a month later, my Mom saw a girl with long blonde hair (and wearing an old- fashioned white nightgown), walk into her bedroom, from the hallway. 

There was a glowing, golden light around her. Mom followed her to the room, only to find no one was there!

In my bedroom would appear a red-haired girl, about 12 years old. My late Dad didn’t believe us. He thought the stories Al told us about the house lead to autosuggestion (that we believe the house was haunted). It wasn’t until one day in July 1977, my Dad saw the red-haired girl sitting on my bed. She was wearing a brown wool coat. 

Dad asked me: “Who is that girl in your room?”

I told him: “That’s the ghost I’ve been telling you about.” 

He went back to my room and nobody was there! The red-haired girl would talk to me in my dreams.

She appeared a few years older. She showed me a large book and said: “This is a record of your life.” I saw the writing appear on the page, as if an invisible hand was writing it…

The 3rd ghost always appeared in the kitchen: an older lady, who me and my Mom saw. She appeared flesh and blood, up to her elbows. From the elbows up, she was invisible. She had whitish skin patches on her arms (vitiligo). 

It would be a shock if you turned around suddenly and she’s standing behind you! Other than that, we were never scared of them. We lived there for about a year.

My Dad had paranormal experiences of his own. He was somewhat psychic. My folks used to vacation in Guaymas, Sonora Mexico. My Dad once had a dream that there was a fire at the San Carlos Hotel. He said he was standing in the ballroom and looked up at the charred ceiling. You could see the stars in the night sky. 

The following summer of 1976, he saw the Hotel  San Carlos was under renovation: the ceiling of the ballroom was charred. There was a fire at the hotel the previous winter, just like he dreamt it.

My Mom also is somewhat psychic: She had a dream on Jan. 25, 1980. She woke up at 2:20 a.m. She said she saw her mother-in-law Manuela walked through her bedroom door. All my Grandmother told her that she was leaving. She was in a nursing home in Jalisco, Mexico.

We got word two months later (due to a mix-up in the address) that my Grandmother did pass away on Jan. 25, 1980.

 The time of death? 2:20 a.m.

Maybe there is a life beyond this one. We won’t know until it is time to cross that threshold....

 Tune in to “Coast-to-Coast A.M.” on Halloween night at 11 p.m for their “Ghost-to-Ghost Stories Live” program. People will be calling in with their own ghost stories.

Laura Rivas


Drain the swamp


Since Congress will not vote for term limits, every single state should put term limits on their ballots so that we the people, who are the legal boss of all of Congress members, get to vote to make it mandatory that all members of Congress serve the same two terms just like the President. This will not only drain the swamp, but it will bring many new competent faces to serve the Congress of the United States and get rid of the corrupt worthless “leaders” that have caused endless witch hunts and obstruction and crime that goes unpunished for many years. 

If we don’t take back our government, we will have only two choices, to accept socialism run by progressive lunatics who will bankrupt America, or prepare for Civil War II. Some members of Congress have been in office over 40 years. I remember one member who was 101 years old being wheeled into Congress in a wheelchair years ago. Give me a break! This “imaginary” whistleblower (who will never be revealed, because he’s a figment of Adam Schiff’s imagination), this crime that democrats allow to continue, will go down in history as one lunatic overthrowing the government while the people sat by and let it happen. He actually thinks he’s a “hero” to his Democrat colleagues

It’s time for every American voter to contact the Board of Elections and governor in all 50 states and demand that they put on the ballots in the next elections, a vote for the people to ask or demand that every single member of Congress who has served more than two terms, be put onto mandatory retirement and that every single new member of Congress who is voted into office, shall not serve more than the same two terms that the President serves, and without receiving lifetime benefits. 

They would only be eligible to receive social security pension like most American retirees do. Only if they paid into social security. Maybe then, they would stop robbing social security and putting it on the brink of bankruptcy. This extremely corrupt “impeachment farce” by the Democrats must come to a stop. If they get away with overthrowing the government and placing their own idiots in charge, like Pelosi, Schiff, the Squad, Schumer and the rest of the liars who make up the ridiculous impeachment inquiries behind closed doors, we can kiss this country goodbye. What’s going on in Washington is exactly what has gone on in Venezuela for years, and these progressive socialists are just a wink away from turning America into the same nightmare. 

The only difference will be, instead of 28.5 million people starving and not having medical care, it will be 327 million Americans, including you and me. What does it take to wake up the American people? Canada will be flooded with American refugees. Right now, Ukraine looks more competent and not as corrupt as the United States of America. 

This is a pathetic situation and is shameful. If Canada can’t take all American refugees, send them to Ukraine! My question is, how did Hunter Biden get a $50,000 per month job in Ukraine without speaking Ukrainian? Did daddy make it materialize?

 I speak more Ukrainian than Hunter and I can’t get a job there. Not even for $100 per month. My knowledge of natural gas is the same as his. Go figure! 

James Logan