Just a note to ask how it is going after Joe Biden got elected. Let’s see. Gas has doubled. About a million illegals stormed into our country. We can’t get anybody to work because they get paid to not work. Then they tell the illegals after they get their hearing to come back in five years to see if they can stay. Well, we know how that is not going to happen. In five years, they will have as many as five kids who will be Americans because they were born here. And they will get the $350 for each kid. That’s the only skill they have.

Anybody that is OK with that should grab both ears and pull real hard until they hear that popping sound and you see daylight.

Robert Jones


Heartfelt thanks


I would like to personally thank Mr. Logan for his kind words in the Oct. 6 issue of the West Valley View. It is comforting to know that there are others out there who look for facts in what they use to formulate their opinions.

Ironically, I am a carpenter, a master carpenter at that (fact).

I have been a general contractor for over 43 years (fact). Prior to my 18-year teaching career (fact), I had a 23-plus-year career as a contractor where I not only hit nails on the head but also built my company into one of the largest framing companies in Southern California. Fact!

Thomas M. Rico


Economies in peril


Access to affordable health care, child care, paid family leave and other critical issues should be a concern for every Arizonan and American alike. It’s especially a concern for small-business owners like me who are mothers and are worried about providing for their families and keeping them safe. Our recovery still hangs in the balance, but some of these challenges can be addressed now by Congress passing the Build Back Better plan to invest in health care, child care, paid family leave and other critical issues for middle-class Americans and small businesses.

These investments would come at a critical time. Small businesses are struggling to keep their doors open and their employees safe, and it’s no surprise that 19 months since the initial COVID-19 outbreak, the small-business community is still nowhere near back to pre-pandemic levels. We need lawmakers to pass critical measures such as the Build Back Better proposal to build a more resilient economy for all. What’s more, leaders in Congress should work toward leveling the playing field for small businesses by closing the corporate tax loopholes that unfairly benefit the wealthy at the expense of small-business owners, their employees and independent entrepreneurs.

Every minute they choose to delay this critical funding puts our local and national economies in peril. 

Delinda Cornist

Small-business owner


Concerning school budget overrides


Me: Boss my wife and I were going over our finances last night and came to the conclusion that in order to spend the money we want, I will need a greater than 15% raise for the next five years.

Boss: No.

Think about this:

• A portion of our state income tax goes to education.

• A portion of our sales tax goes to education.

• A portion of lottery proceeds goes to education.

• A portion of sales tax on recreational marijuana goes to education.

• A portion of our federal income tax goes to education.

And, of course, there is the new excise tax on the wealthy which goes to education because we cannot let success go unpunished.

Not to mention a large and growing portion of our property taxes go to education.

Our schools have all these sources of income yet with all their bachelor’s, master’s and Ph.D. degrees they cannot figure out how to do what you and I do every day — live within our means. 

Perhaps is time we started acting like the boss and just say no.

Tom Barkley

Litchfield Park