Re: The president’s first job


I believe the president’s first and most important job is to protect our country against aggressors both foreign and domestic.

Let’s talk about 18 months of “open borders” and nothing being done.

They are punishing Border Patrol agents while drug pushers, rapists and gang members just walk around the “end of the wall.”

All the up-and-coming politicians are talking about finishing the wall, but it’s “lip service.” Do something!

Two and a half million people came into the country, and still, nobody is concerned!

Skip Gault, Goodyear


Joanne Osborn for Senate District 29


Joanne is a true patriot. I’ve known her for 25 years and of her from her classmates in Buckeye.

Joanne protects all Arizona residents by her thoughtful, careful votes!

Her opponent apparently has no credentials, as all she does is lie about Joanne.

Joanne is a strong woman who knows right from wrong and speaks the truth!

Vote Osborne!

Betty Lynch, Litchfield Park


Elect Joe Pizzillo as mayor of Goodyear


One candidate for mayor understands what our city needs: Joe Pizzillo. His responses in newspaper articles have convinced me he cares about the city and he understands what it will take to keep us moving forward through these uncertain economic times and continued growth. He doesn’t care what party you belong to or what part of Goodyear you live in. He cares about keeping Goodyear a great place to live — nothing else. I sent a question to his website and left my number. He called me the same day and was as genuine on the phone as he is during the city council meetings and candidate forums. Goodyear needs to keep Joe Pizzillo as our mayor.

Carolyn Rota, Goodyear