Old Mail : Letters and Envelope

Election choice


Ballot choice: Republican or Democrat.

Critical choice: Defenders or defunders.

You decide.

Lynne Cole


Mark Kelly’s

political ads


I think I just watched the 1 millionth Mark Kelly ad for the Senate. It started when the pandemic started. Even when people were getting sick and dying, Kelly would not pull these ads. He was the only one running for office who was doing political ads at that time. He should be ashamed of himself. I never thought of him in the negative or the positive until these ads. I don’t believe he did anything to help during the current crisis. Not impressed with him. I respect his wife, but that’s her, not him. Think before you vote.

Samuel Diamond


Recycling and

hauling vehicles


Falling rain, snow and leaves have been part of my life experience, but until this month, I had never experienced falling recycling debris. 

Twice this month, while traveling west on I-10 near the Jackrabbit and Verrado Way exits, I had the bad luck to be following a large, uncovered recycling truck whose water bottles, multicolored paper and bags were randomly flying out the top and raining onto my, and other, vehicles and across the roadway. The same thing happened Wednesday of this week while driving on Highway 303 near the Waddell exit. These three experiences caused me to consider the thousands of customers who spend their time separating recycling from garbage, as directed by their respective recycling companies, only to have their trash now littering our highways.  

The mystery is why these recycling carriers have not covered the tops of their vehicles, which would be a simple and sensible solution. I have seen other recycling carriers with metal grates or tightly fitted covers that adequately contain debris. Uncovered trucks of any kind, including dirt, rock and gravel haulers, should be pulled over, ticketed, fined and instructed to clean up the mess left behind at their expense. They should also be required to pay for damaged vehicles instead of sticking insurance companies with the costs and vehicle drivers with the deductible and increased premiums. 

Arizona is too beautiful to cover with litter, so smarten up, recycling and hauling companies! You know who you are. 

Sandra Singleton


Where are the water cannons?


During every single riot, which has wrongfully been called a “peaceful protest,” am I the only person on Earth that has noticed not one water cannon or shield was used by the police to try to quell the “myth” as Jerrold Nadler described the anarchy in Portland? 

What happened to police in every police department in the country having riot gear at their disposal? Those shields that we all have seen police use in riots for years, could have saved untold injuries to police officers from bottles of frozen water to rocks to anything thrown at the officers. Where were the police chiefs? Water cannons can disperse crowds fast, but not one city used a single one of them. They could even be used to put out fires that the “peaceful demonstrators” set. What garage are they parked at? How many police precincts have to be burned to the ground before mayors let the police do their job?

This is the Democratic Party at work, permitting anarchy. Even Third World countries use water cannons and shields for riots. We are not yet a Third World country, but if the Democrats win, mark your calendar. Your money is used to pay for all of the destroyed police cars and burned buildings. Don’t worry: If the Democrats win, they will raise your taxes to the moon to pay for all the damage they caused, along with all the “free stuff” they will “hand out.” 

The destroyed police cars were in perfect working order before the Democrat mayors and governors allowed “peaceful demonstrators” to destroy them at your cost. Are you going to allow mayors and governors who refuse to call in the national guard to keep ruining your cities? Or do you protect the Democrats that much to allow a crime wave? Do you love crime that much? Then, by all means, defund the police and call the mayor or governor who put you in this position when crime knocks at your door. Please let me know how long it takes for them to send you help. If you chose to move to Venezuela, at least they use water cannons to disperse riots.

James Logan




Let’s all step back and take a macro view of the effects of the coronavirus on the United States. It is estimated that 2.8 million persons would die in the United States this year from all causes. It was initially estimated that 2 million additional persons would die this year from the coronavirus if we did nothing—a number that would have been intolerable. 

At this point near mid-August we have 168,000 deaths from the coronavirus—the majority of whom had one or more underlying serious medical conditions, and I think it’s fair to say that there is a possibility that a fair number of these persons would have passed this year anyway. This is not to minimize the pain and suffering of anyone affected by the virus but, rather, to give some perspective as a whole on the virus’ effects. It now appears as if a vaccine will be ready in record time that will allow us to become immune as a society from this virus.

I think our society has done a magnificent job of controlling the impact of this virus. There has been a lot of partisan bickering and complaining by the general public, but the country has muddled through somehow. Congratulations to us all.

Moving forward, I think we all need to be more open to creative ways to reopen businesses (yes, Gov. Doug Ducey, this means you) and we need to keep our masks on in public (not while we’re driving alone, please).

Robert L Morgan