Receiving letters

Leibowitz reaction


The despicable comparison of deceased media icon Rush Limbaugh to Ted Bundy by columnist David Leibowitz reflects poorly on the journalistic integrity of The Glendale Star.

Leibowitz joins Limbaugh’s many critics who apparently didn’t listen to the show regularly but use out-of-context quotes from liberal media sources to promote a false narrative rather than compete in the arena of ideas.  

As one example, the source of a (racist) moniker to describe then-presidential candidate Barack Obama was a Los Angeles Times columnist. Limbaugh simply played a song parody that was based on the Times’ article. And Limbaugh’s statement that he hoped the newly elected President Obama would fail referred to the implementation of Obama’s clearly stated socialist policy objectives, not the man himself, a fact recognized by any objective observer. Then Leibowitz claims that Limbaugh ginned up hate? Pot, meet kettle!

Limbaugh espoused liberty-based values and educated his listeners in the liberal mindset. It is therefore no surprise to read of the vile leftist tweets and comments regarding his passing, unfortunately reinforced by your published op-ed.

If Mr. Leibowitz himself possessed any integrity, he would apologize and resign, but I’m certainly not holding my breath.

Steve Harrison


Questionable moves


Last year, former President Trump awarded the Medal of Freedom to Rush Limbaugh, and recently Florida Gov. DeSantis ordered state flags to fly at half-staff in Limbaugh’s honor. What absurdities on both counts. Limbaugh was neither a patriot nor a hero. He was simply a person of low character — a racist, a bigot and a hateful, small man. Rather than honor him we should severely disdain such a vile individual for spreading hatred and division for decades.

Dave Hungerford


Bloated and foul opinion of David Leibowitz

David Leibowitz:

I am not writing you about your errors in judgment regarding Jerry Garcia or Rush Limbaugh. It is not your errors but your ego. Your bloated and foul ego has resurfaced in a puny opinion piece in my little Glendale Star paper. I reply not to the opinion, nor the error, nor the phony accusations, but to your lie. The lie that you at any time in your existence as a radio jock running opposite Rush Limbaugh … that you, David Leibowitz, had a larger radio audience than Rush Limbaugh. I have never listened to you. I have never even heard of you, but I have heard of and heard Rush Limbaugh. I say “God bless Rush Limbaugh,” for he knew his talent was on loan. Perhaps 25 years from now, when you might discover your obvious lie that God himself and Rush are rolling in laughter at, God, at his judgment, will have mercy on your soul.

God have mercy!

Joe Wheeler


Supports medical aid in dying


Arizona does not have a medical aid in dying law. My dad died eight years ago and would die the same bad death here in this state today. The majority of doctors and public in Arizona support medical aid in dying. The Legislature has not in the past. It is time for change.

After 93 great years of life, my dad developed “failure to thrive” in his 94th year. In his advance directive he had clearly outlined the concept of “confinement,” meaning that when he could no longer walk on his own, was no longer interested in reading two newspapers a day, couldn’t enjoy food, had to wear Depends, and showed declining interest in his friends and family, he was ready to die.

Living in Pennsylvania, he did not have access to a medical aid in dying option (nine states and the District of Columbia have such laws), so he considered his other options. He was done with surgeries and pharmaceutical treatments, didn’t want to linger in the long-term care facility, and was ready to die.

He called me and asked if I would be his “coach” if he chose to voluntarily stop eating and drinking. I agreed, flew there from Washington State, and spent some days with him talking through the decision. We got the hospital staff on board, reluctantly, and signed him up for hospice. 

On the third morning, he stopped eating and drinking. Well-meaning nurses wanted to give him ice cream and water; the doctors shook their heads; and my sister and I comforted him with sponge baths, glycerin lemon swabs, sugarless gum and Vaseline. Hospice increased his dose of morphine because his pain increased. After two tough days and one quiet day of sleep, he died. I miss him terribly.

Arizona End of Life Options

( is committed to introducing a medical aid in dying bill to our state.

Dwight Moore