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Bedlam USA


The inmates are running the asylum in Washington, D.C.

Democrats are undemocratic, Republicans are anti-Republican, independents are puppets and the Supreme Court is lawless. Bedlam rules.

So, folks, should we the people reconsider the dreaded “third-party” option? It is feasible in today’s America. 

Seventy-four million disenfranchised patriots offer a huge recruitment pool. Other alleged “democracies” govern via multi-party systems. (China’s one-party utopia being a notable exception.) Why not give it a go? 

Name: “Freedom Party.” A self-explanatory label. Party platform: guaranteed full civil liberties for each and every eligible American citizen. 

Is 2021 party time?

Ken Williams


What about seniors?


There have been so many write-ups about new apartments being built in Goodyear and the small rental homes.

So many, but none for seniors. I do not mean these assisted living places that cost thousands a month! A place that seniors could be with seniors and not go bankrupt. An apartment building or these small rental homes just for seniors

I guess that doesn’t sound desirable to those who are money hungry. Not everyone can afford four, five or even six thousand dollars a month. 

Just thought I would bring it to light. Maybe there are developers that would take this into consideration one of these days. 

They do Section 8 for adults and families; why not seniors? 

Well, I hope something good comes out of this.

 Trish Palmieri


Wrong number?


For those who bothered to read the new magazine sent out by the city of Avondale, on Page 13, under “stay informed,” is a phone number: 623-333-4200. 

Don’t bother trying it, as it is not in service! What a hoot! 

Don’t get your info; just wing it and hope they don’t tear your street up for some project they forgot to tell you about!

Lynda Fiorini


Response from the city of Avondale: “There appears to be a technical glitch on that line. We have forwarded to our IT Department to fix.”

A modest proposal


Well, Georgia has decided on our Senate leadership for the 2021 Congress. The Atlanta Journal Constitution and many other media outlets reported on Dec. 17 that 76,000 new voters had registered between the Oct. 5 general election and the Dec. 7 runoff registration deadlines. 

That was of no small importance, since the margin of victory in the GA-1 Senate race was only about 50,000 votes. What is important to note is that a large component of this 76,000 was movers and that it is perfectly legal for citizens to move between states, vote, then move back again after the election. 

In fact, you could have hypothetically moved and registered as late as Dec. 7 and voted as early as Dec. 21, then been back home where you came from in time for the holidays. 

Please note I am not some crazy person saying that the election was stolen. I acknowledge that many of the movers were legitimately resettling at a coincidentally politically opportune time.

What I am saying is that we have a poorly constructed system that can be too easily exploited in any election but especially in a runoff when only one state is voting at a time. Furthermore, it is very possible that our nonexistent voter registration fraud protections did impact the course of this election and possibly the balance of power in Congress. 

There are too few protections on verifying the identity of voter registrations. If you apply for a driver’s license, any state will pretty much register you to vote in good faith, and you can move again whenever you want.

Now, the solution to close this loophole is actually very simple and could save us a lot of time and superfluous doorbell ringing on the census, too. Instead of linking voter registration rolls to driver’s licenses or other state-issued photo IDs, link them to previous years’ federal tax return addresses. 

Where you file your residence on April 15 should automatically register you to vote at that location for that year’s November federal elections. Even just filing a zero-balance return and announcing your presence to the good people auditing for the IRS is the least you can do if you want to prove your civic mettle as a voter. Furthermore, since the U.S. Constitution grants taxation powers exclusively to Congress, they should be exclusively elected by and accountable to the taxpayers first and foremost.

I believe that most of the current dissatisfaction with the election results of 2020 comes not from the election outcome itself but from the fact that the closer the election results are, the more faith we need to have in the registration franchise. 

I can accept that my neighbors disagree with me politically in greater numbers, as long as they are actually my neighbors and not a bunch of election tourists.

Charles Peabody