Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Message to our socialist readers


The 2020 elections will be very interesting, if not scary. We have some freshman members in Congress who are trying to spread things we never had to deal with before. Oh, let me just touch on the tip of the iceberg for a minute, shall we? Rashida Tlaib’s brother “praises” terrorists. Both Rashida and her Muslim “sister” are both anti-Semitic and have spewed enough hatred for Jews just since they became members of Congress to make Hitler almost look like a nice guy. I said “almost.”

Now we have a bunch of progressive, liberal, leftwing nutcases who want to make the country socialist running for president on the Democratic side. They evidently were born after the Soviet Union collapsed and don’t have a clue what socialism is and how connected it is to communism. Apparently they think that socialism means you get to socialize “freely” with friends, and the furthest thing from their nonfunctioning brains is that they will give up their freedoms. Since they evidently never watched TV during the Soviet era, they never saw empty shelves in every grocery store and the long bread and soup lines in the Soviet Union, especially in the harsh winters. Try eating borscht every meal for months. I had family in one of the Soviet block countries and they had stories very similar.

Believe me, people running for president who try to hoodwink you into wanting socialized medicine don’t know what they are talking about. Bernie Sanders’ “Medicare for All” proposal is a nightmare, not a dream. He has no clue how his own plan will be funded. He better retire and take what Medicare he can get at age 77, because he’ll never live out his first term if elected by fools who think he’s going to deliver on promises that don’t exist.

Then, we have Beto O’Rourke, the guy who eats dirt. He wants to tear down the wall because he doesn’t see a crisis at the border and he thinks Uncle Sam’s treasury can support all of the caravans that pour across the border, but he offers no solution on how to pay for their upkeep. It’s either we pay for a few more million refugees or we pay for infrastructure that is in dire straits right now. Way to go, Beto. Tell him there is an opening for presidente in Venezuela. I’m sure he’ll last almost a day there. Then we have Pocahontas (Elizabeth Warren). Not worth mentioning because she won’t make it to the debates. Kamala Harris keeps sending me e-mails bragging about what she has not done. Cory Booker: a pathetic loser. Joe Biden: lived on the golf course for eight years of Obama’s presidency and only appeared to sit in the chair behind Obama during his addresses to Congress once a year. Great training for someone to take over the presidency in case of death of the president. I suppose maybe driving a golf cart counts as almost something. He fooled us back then as being “intelligent,” so why not try that approach again? After all, he and his son made a lot of money from deals with Ukraine.

I’ll be up all night if I list every one of 20 “geniuses” the Democraps have put forward so far. My point is some of them want to give prisoners the right to vote, and when you become a criminal, one of the first things you do is give up your right to vote. Not one Republican suggests such an idiotic thing like giving voting rights to prisoners who gave up voting rights when they were convicted.

James Logan


How left can you go?


In their rush to the far left, one Democratic candidate has emerged as a front runner: Bernie Sanders. This scowling, angry, old socialist has a history of supporting socialist and communist regimes. A self-professed socialist, Sanders in 1985 praised the repressive communist regimes of Cuba, Nicaragua and the Soviet Union. In 1988 he honeymooned in communist USSR, which contradicted his recent assertion that he never “believed in authoritarian communism that existed in the Soviet Union.” He also traveled to Nicaragua and Cuba, where he hoped to meet his hero, Fidel Castro. Maybe Bernie has since mellowed, except his April 22 statement in support of allowing jailed murderers and rapists to vote shows how radical he still really is.

Like a Pied Piper, Bernie leads his enthusiastic, unsuspecting youthful followers down a path of broken promises and ruin. His phony promise of free college tuition only promotes an entitlement attitude among students instead of promoting a healthy work ethic that involves students paying for their own education. His promise of “free” health care really consists of paying very high taxes regardless if you need it or not. If you are healthy and don’t abuse your body you essentially pay for the health care of those who do. This unfair, expensive form of government health care has led Finland, Bernie’s favorite country having socialized medicine, to announce that its government has recently collapsed due not being able to reform the rising and unsustainable health care costs.

In addition to his spurious promises, Bernie likes to appeal to people’s baser instincts of jealousy and envy by constantly ranting about the “rich,” of which he is actually one. His favorite target is the top 1%. That is the group that pays nearly 40% of all federal income taxes and the top 5% who pay over 90% of all federal income taxes. Instead of complaining about the 1%, Bernie should thank them for their success and contribution. Actually, what people earn is none of Bernie’s or anyone else’s business. His concern about income inequality is also ridiculous, as no one’s earning potential is equal to anyone else’s, because we all have different skills, education, work ethics, creativity, etc. And his complaint about the recent tax cut benefiting only the rich rings hollow; it actually benefited everyone because it expanded the economy, which led to job creation and reduced unemployment.

Abraham Lincoln stated, “You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich.” Instead of acknowledging an economy with record-low unemployment, making it the envy of the world, Bernie is only left with using the classical socialist tactic of promoting class envy and hatred, of which he is the master.

Igor Shpudejko