Supporting Kelly


I’m a registered Republican. But I’m supporting Mark Kelly in this election.

There’s really no other way to say it: Martha McSally has been a disappointment to Arizona. It’s really too bad, because I come from a military family; my father, my husband and my son have all served. I believe McSally used to be capable and reasonable.

But now something’s changed—she’s just taking orders from Trump and McConnell and is incapable of questioning them at all, even if they’re wrong. And she’s willing to do anything to win—her campaign is built completely on attacking Kelly with lies and misleading statements. It’s desperate and pathetic.

We need to elect an independent leader—and Mark Kelly is going to be that leader for Arizona. Mark is the only candidate in this race who is making his campaign about the issues that matter to Arizonans—making sure we contain the coronavirus while saving small businesses, investing more in job training, and making our economy stronger for the future.

I’m tired of representatives like Martha McSally turning a blind eye to the failures of our president and the other leaders in Washington. It’s time for cool-headed, bipartisan leadership that actually represents Arizonans.

Sometimes, when leaders are strong, their political party is secondary to their ability to represent their constituents. That’s how it was with John McCain, and I know that’s how it is with Kelly. I hope you’ll join me and vote for Mark Kelly, regardless of your political party.

Pat Paxton


Not a Trump hater


OK, the editor of the Opinion section can choose the letters that get printed. In the Oct. 28 West Valley View issue, all five letters were anti-Biden/pro-Trump. Does that reflect the range of letters submitted? And four of them are critical of my Oct. 21 letter, even referring to me by name. 

One critic calls me “a blatant liar” for suggesting Biden has better character than Trump. Apparently, if your opinion is different than his, you are a liar. This from a person who supports Trump and his documented 20,000 lies in four years. I always cite facts to support my opinions. My critics prefer name-calling and sarcasm rather than credible data to support their views. I guess if they don’t have facts, statistics, quotes and logic to attack my opinion they choose to attack me personally. This is a Trump technique, of course. P.S. I do not “hate Trump,” but I really dislike what he does and says.

Fact check: Speaker Pelosi is not “a witch”; Senator Harris is not “a socialist”; Joe Biden is not “corrupt.” Comments like these are misinformed, ignorant or willfully false. Note: An investigation by the Senate Republicans did not find any credible wrongdoing with Ukraine, Latvia or China by Joe or Hunter Biden, nor has the FBI found any evidence against them in Giuliani’s laptop-from-hell scam. And unlike Trump, they do not have bank accounts in China.

Also, to compare Trump to Reagan is an insult to traditional Republican values. Republicans used to care about the national debt, struggling families, small government, strong public schools and people of different faiths and ethnicity. Not so much now. I used to be able to have a respectful discussion of politics with my conservative friends, but sadly many of them became Trumpers.

I am hopeful America can return to civility, fair treatment for all and unity under President Biden.

John Flynn